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Inner Transition

The territory of “Inner Transition” is broad, powerful, fascinating and sometimes challenging to pin down, to explain or to organise. This two day workshop explores the inner dimension of the shift to a future we really want.

Inner Transition workshop groupIf you are in a project that’s creating change towards a more sustainable, resilient, enjoyable and inclusive future and you want some time to look at the inner part of that process this workshop could be just right for you. Bringing together people involved in different grassroots projects, individuals on their own journey of change, and people from within the Transition movement, we’ll explore questions such as: 

  • How can we best go about creating vibrant, sustainable change towards a better way of living on this beautiful planet?
  • What has already been done to combine inner insight and processes with practical action to make a more resilient and effective project or movement? Sharing examples from Transition and other projects.
  • Why do a lot of movements for change cause burnout, and how can we prevent it?
  • How can we create networks of mutual support through these times?
  • What are the next steps towards doing more of all of this?

The workshop includes a wide variety of activities - teaching, experiential work, a lot of discussion and sharing among participants, different structures which engage mind, body, feelings, as well as inviting our connection to a wider field of wisdom and possibility.

Previous workshops have brought together international groups of people interested in the inner dimension of the process for change. Here’s what participants have said:

“A wonderful mix of theory and practice, shared with wonderful people at a nice place”

“Sensitive and highly competent facilitation”

“Recharged my batteries”

“It gave me ideas on how to begin the inner transition process for myself, in my initiative and at the regional level”

“Helped me to better appreciate my relationships with other transition team members”

“Fantastic value at £40 plus donation”

“Although I have been concerned about sustainability and human survival issues since the 1970's, I have always shied away from dealing with my own feelings about hunger, pain and loss… the course provided another more experiential way to look at these issues.”

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London workshops are facilitated by Sophy Banks and Debbie Warrener