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This month's theme

September's theme is 'Making Space for Nature'.

Book Review

Is David Nobbs' 'The Second Life of Sally Mottram' the first great Transition novel?


"Divest! Now what?" asks Transition Network's Rob Hopkins.

Transition Network resource

Transition Network's 3 year Strategy Document now available!

This month's series: How we make space for nature

PosterThis month we hear from Transition initiatives about how they make space for nature in their work and in their projects.  Today, Transition Town Tooting tell us about 'Foodival': 

"At this year’s event on 14th September we hope break our record by feeding 300 people in one day using locally grown food, cooked by local people". 

Read more here. 

September's theme is 'Making Space for Nature'


This month's theme opens at dusk in a field near Plymouth, where something unusual in a hedgerow leads us into an exploration about why Transition initiatives need to make space for nature in their work. 

Read our month's editorial here. 

What is Transition?

Here is a recent piece from German television which offers a good introduction to Transition. 

The Transition Interview: George Monbiot


We talk to George Monbiot about rewilding, and his recent book 'Feral'. "Some people have called my book a Midlife Crisis", he tells us.  "I would call it a midlife awakening".

Read more here. 

Addressing drought by thinking like a forest


Writing in The Guardian, Rob Hopkins argues that the best way to tackle drought is by learning from how forests manage water. 

Read more here.

Latest Transition Culture blog post

It feels to me like an important moment in the evolution of Transition  - the first novel in which Transition plays a key role, published by one of the UK's largest publishers.  It's also a great read, and it's oddly thrilling to think that on beaches around the world this summer...

REconomy Project

ReconomyThe REconomy Project is here to help you transform your local economy. Over the last 2 years we’ve learned a lot about what REconomy is, who’s doing it and what it looks like in the UK and beyond. Find out more over on the new look, much simpler website - we suggest you start here.  

Featured resource

nefNew Economics Foundation have just published ‘No Small Change’ – a how-to guide for community currency organisers looking to effectively evaluate the impact of their project.

Download this resource from the NEF site.

Featured project

In July, Crystal Palace Transition Town unveiled their latest community garden, named in honour of local punk legend Captain Sensible. Here's the story of the launch of 'The Sensible Garden':


Read more about the garden here