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Transition Network supports community-led responses 
to climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy, building resilience and happiness.

On our month's theme of 'Impact'

We're collecting numbers to show the impact Transition's having. Can you help?

Our month's theme

April's theme is "what is the impact of Transition and how do we know?"

Our monthly Round up

It's April's Round Up of what's happening out in the world of Transition. Prepare to be inspired...

Transition Network interview

Don't miss our interview with Sir David King, Special Representative to the Foreign Secretary in the UK on climate change.

This month's series: The impact we're having.

townThis month we're asking Transitioners around the world to share one thing their group has done that has had a noticeable impact locally.  

Today we hear from various members of Aveiro em Transição in Portugal.  "I just don’t know what is to live my life without Aveiro in Transition, and we’ve just started less than 1 year ago!"

We need your stories for next month's theme!


Our theme for May will be Transition and Health.  We'd love to share your stories of any ways in which Transition has made your community healthier.  Please get in touch

Featured project

Transition Town Whitehead in Northern Ireland have been out planting an edible forest, funded through Northern Ireland's Plastic Bag Levy. 

Read more about the project here.  

The Transition Interview: Katrina Brown


We talk to Katrina Brown, a social researcher specialising in resilience, about building community resilience and how we might be able to tell if we're succeeding.  

Read more here. 

April's theme is "What is the impact of Transition, and how do we know?"


How can we know the impact we're having, and what do we even mean by "impact"? Is there an evolving 'evidence base' to support the Transition approach? Join us as we rummage around inside this month's theme. 

Read our editorial: On Transition's impact and re-imagining the road to Paris 2015

Why we do what we do

EarthHere we share recent news, articles or papers which reflect what motivates Transition initiatives.

Today: Up To 1,000 Times More Methane Released At Gas Wells Than EPA Estimates.

Latest Transition Culture blog post

Katrina Brown is a Professor of Social Sciences based at the Environment and Sustainability Institute at Exeter University. The three key themes her research centres on are Resilience, Vulnerability and Development, Dynamics of Change in Coastal Social Ecological-Systems and ...

REconomy Project

 REconomyDo you want to start a new Transition-oriented livelihood or business?  Twenty of these are already turning over £3.5m and employing over 100 people. Read about these inspiring ideas and get pointers towards local support over on the REconomy website. 

Find out more over on the REconomy website.

Featured resource

Here's a great new resource from the REconomy Project, a guide to Introducing paid work to your Transition Initiative


Click here to download this great new resource.  

Featured Transition Training

Naresh Giangrande reflects on how the first 'Launch Online' training went.  In a nutshell?  It went really well, and starts again soon.

Launch banner

Read more about Launch online here.    

What is Transition?

We are delighted to announce that our recent film, In Transition 2.0, is now available to watch free online.  Here's the bit from it that explains what Transition is...

You can also order a copy here.