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Our month's theme

This month we're celebrating. Delighted you could join us. Can we get you a drink?


"Divest! Now what?" asks Transition Network's Rob Hopkins.

Transition Network resource

Transition Network's 3 year Strategy Document now available!

On our month's theme

Transition as Social Medicine?: health leaders discuss

This month's series: How we celebrate!

BuntingThis month we hear from different Transition initiatives and how they celebrate. 

Transition Bristol recently held their Small Green Sunday event, to celebrate and reflect on all that they have achieved over the last seven years. Four members of the group share their reflections on the day, a celebration of all that Transition has brought to their lives and to their city.

July's theme is 'Transition and Celebration'


Our theme for July is 'Transition and Celebration'. Why does it matter that we celebrate?  What does a good celebration look like?  Why should celebration be central to life and culture of Transition initiatives? Oh, and congratulations by the way...

Read "10 Tips for great Transition celebrations"

The Transition Interview: Chris Johnstone


Chris Johnstone is an ecopsychologist, addictions specialist and co-author, with Joanna Macy, of Active Hope. We talked to him about celebration, why it matters, and how to do it.  "Without celebration, we wither away", he tells us.  

Read more here. 

What is Transition?

Rob Hopkins of Transition Network recently gave a talk in Berlin to launch the German edition of The Power of Just Doing Stuff.  It offered an introduction to the thinking in the book. 

Latest Transition Culture blog post

This month our theme has been 'Celebration'.  We have set out to explore 5 questions: Why do you celebrate? Why is celebration important? What are the ingredients of good celebration? What is the wider context for celebration? What is the personal context for celebration?  We started by...

REconomy Project

ReconomyThe REconomy Project is here to help you transform your local economy. Over the last 2 years we’ve learned a lot about what REconomy is, who’s doing it and what it looks like in the UK and beyond. Find out more over on the new look, much simpler website - we suggest you start here.  

Why we do what we do

EarthHere we share recent news, articles or papers which reflect what motivates Transition initiatives.

Today: Western Antarctic ice sheet collapse has already begun, scientists warn.

Featured resource

nefNew Economics Foundation have just published ‘No Small Change’ – a how-to guide for community currency organisers looking to effectively evaluate the impact of their project.

Download this resource from the NEF site.

Featured project

Transition Greyton in South Africa just held their third annual 'Trash to Treasure' festival.  Here's a short video about the first festival, in 2012:


Read more about this year's Festival here