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Effective groups resources

This is a regularly updated list of the resources used as part of the Effective groups.

Diagnostic Canvas

Effective Groups Canvas

Download the canvas by clicking on the image or this link.

This is one way of mapping the fundamental areas which need to be attended to for a group, team or organisation to be effective, healthy and successful.

Because group life is so complex, it helps to have a map of the territory.

It's in the form of a canvas so that a blank canvas can be put up on a wall and then worked with to create the unique landscape of your own group and identify what needs to happen to make the group more effective.

These are not arranged in an order of importance. They are all important and if you leave out or don't do any one area well, then you will tend to be less effective as a result.

ToolkitEffective Groups Toolkit

A workbook with practical tools to create and maintain Effective Groups. The tools are with instructions to facilitate activities to use them in their own groups.

The Toolkit is DIY, so no expertise is required, but facilitation skills would be helpful!

The Toolkit is a work in progress that will grow and develop over time. 

Download the toolkit by clicking on the toolkit image or this link

Reading list

People often ask for recommended books for the Effective Groups course and associated resources, and its tricky as there are so many books, for so many different purposes. So Nick has put this list together to cover the different areas. Reading lists can be deathly boring, so Nick has put it together in this way to try and make it more visual and engaging and to give a sense of each book.

One of the key messages of the Effective Groups course is that there are no quick fixes or single answers that will make a group or organisation work effectively or be really successful. This reading list attempts to reinforce this message by providing a range of books that will do a variety of things, in a range of different situations.

It depends what type of situation you are in, what kind of culture you have in your group, what the dominant values are and particular tensions are in your group, as to what approach will best work. It also depends on your own personal preferences, values, learning styles etc. as to which type of book or approach to working in groups will work for you….

Part 1 deals with Skills for Working in Groups.

Part 2 is The larger context- complexity, resilience, sustainability, enterprise, economic ecosystems and the cosmos.

Download the Effective groups reading list by clicking on the image or this link

Effective Groups Reading List

You can also download a MEGA reading list which is so big it had to have a dropbox of its own - it's the big list...

Download the full reading list here

WebinarsEffective Groups Webinars

 Will be run like a clinic for people to talk about difficulties they are having in their groups and get support from peers and experts in how to transform them into opportunities for change.

These have not yet been set up.

If you would like the support from such a service please email the training team to help us get a sense of the demand for this.

The stronger the demand, the more likely we are to create this service.