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Effective groups


Effective groups cartoon

 Working in Transition groups can be fun, but is not always easy. It can feel frustrating, draining and unproductive. Meetings drag, personalities clash, power conflicts arise, chaos reigns and all this gets in the way of achieving what the group set out to do at the beginning.

Effective Groups resources and training (click here for dates and click here for course details) will help you to learn how to collaborate, communicate and make decisions effectively. This course and set of resources provides you with the tools and know how to make your group effective, fun, brilliant, and inspiring.   

This page is a launch pad to all the Effective groups resources, courses and other materials that are the parts of this exciting new suite of resources...

Films and DVD

This video is an introduction piece to what will be a 40 minute animated video and form part of the Toolkit.


See all the chapters and DVD progress on the Films and DVD page.

Training outline

Nick Osborne is passionate about getting groups to work well.Nick Osborne photo

The Effective Groups trainings provide understandings, tools and skills to do this. 

This training is for anyone working in a community or organisation, in a social change project, social enterprise or business and who wants to work creatively, dynamically and effectively with others.

See the full Effective groups training outline