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Transition Network Newsletter

August 2014 - Transition Network Newsletter

Although we are mostly kicking our shoes off this month, we still have some inspiration for you, such as why is it so important to celebrate what you do, plus news of Transition Training in India, and more.


The Power of NOT Doing Stuff

July 2014 - Transition Network Newsletter

This month we can read about our new three year strategy and the possibility of creating a UK hub; the website theme on the relationship between politics and Transition is explored; REconomy has some inspiring reports and our Social Reporters explore the stories we tell ourselves.

June 2014 - Transition Network Newsletter

This month news that that the Transition roadshow could be coming to a region near you, starting with Lancaster in July. We have the monthly World Roundup, the Digest introduces the 'Transition and Health' articles posted in May, REconomy offers tips to transform your local economy, our Social Reporters are back and Transition Free Press has a new App.

May 2014 - Transition Network Newsletter

Our website theme "what is the impact of Transition, and how do we know?" is explored and digested, plus the Roundup offers more illustrations of how it looks. A new draft support system and the first UK Roadshow event. Transition Free Press is out in print and online. Plus some thinking out loud on another possible way of the world.

April 2014 - Transition Network Newsletter

This month sees a new Digest which brings together all the articles on the theme of the month. REconomy relaunches its website and has a job offer, Transition Free Press gets ready to relaunch, ideas of reusing stuff, saying goodbye to supermarkets and a school dips in its river. Plus new training, the World Roundup and of course much more.

March 2014 - Transition Network Newsletter

This month the newsletter includes an invitation to become a Trustee, the Conference, a new Funding Primer, and more about the Network Initiative Support, which ties in with the theme of Resoucing Your Initiative. Our Social Reporters explore communications in Transition and the Free Press introduces its new team.

February 2014 - Transition Network Newsletter

This month new strategies are unveiled by the Transition Network and the Government. REconomy launch a series of webinars. Lots of discussion about scaling up and the Social Reporters explore Permaculture and disasters. Plus the regular world of Transition round up, and books, films and new resources and some more nuggets for you to dig for.


January 2014 - Transition Network Newsletter

In the newsletter this month we have an unusually inspiring read that is the Transition Network's Annual Report, and we have a 2 month Transition world round up. Our relationship with "stuff" is the theme of interviews that include New Materialism, the joy of vinyl, citizen muscle, red flipflops, owls and Love Bombing.

December 2013 - Transition Network Newsletter

The Big Debate: how should Transition initiatives respond to austerity?

November 2013 - Transition Network Newsletter

We have several posts about Extreme Energy in the newsletter this month, as well about the impact of 'the cuts', news of REconomy ideas spreading out across Europe plus some inspiring words from Paul Hawken.

Website theme: Austerity

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