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This page answers the common questions in Transition and help you find your way through the resources that already exist. It is in English. If you are looking for information in different languages look at the translated resources page (NB: they are different from the online resources listed below).

Key questions

  1. How do I find out more about Transition and keep up to date with what's happening?
  2. What advice and support is available to people setting up and developing Transition Initiatives?
  3. What training is available?
  4. Our initiative is having problems, what help is available?

If you have other questions that are not answered on this page or suggestions, please contact the support co-ordinator.

We are developing a new support package for Transition Initiatives to be launched in Summer 2014. This work will be co-ordinated by our Project Support person, Mike Thomas. You can keep up to date with developments and find out about opportunities to influence the support that Transition Network offers by subscribing to Mike's blog here, or subscribe to the Transition Network newsletter.

We use the phrase Transition Initiatives to mean groups of people who are doing some sort transition activity in their neighbourhood.

1. How do I find out more about Transition and keep up to date with what's happening?

Power of just doing stuff

There are lots of places to find out more about Transition:

The most important thing to do to keep up with the latest Transition news is to sign up to monthly newsletter which contains all the crucial Transition information to help you develop your Initiative and also lets you know all the latest Transition developments. You can read old newsletters here.

Check out Rob Hopkins latest book the The Power of Just Doing Stuff 

Read the Infographic:

Read What is a Transition Initiative.

Watch In Transition 2 film.

And there are lots of ways to keep up to date with what's happening across the global Transition movement:

Read the Transition blogs:

Read Transition Free Press.

Like the Transition Network Facebook Page

Follow Transition Network on Twitter.



2. What advice and support is available to people setting up and developing Transition Initiatives?


If you are just starting out we recommend that at least two members of your group undertake the Launch Training. If you're in a group that has been going a while then Thrive Training may be more suitable. These courses cover the most up to date information on Transition. If there is not a course near you then we have a network of trainers, or your group could host a training course where you live. If you are not based in the UK then check out the International Trainers contact page.

The following online support resources are mainly taken directly from the Transition Companion book. They consist of overviews, some activities you can do and case studies. The Transition Companion book itself contains more information and is available here. 

Introduction to Ingredients:

How to develop and sustain your Initiative

Tools for developing your initiative

There is also specific Transition training course on running effective groups.

Seeds for Change a network of independent activist training co-ops have some great resources on groupsconsensus and facilitation and managing conflict.

Developing your group's vision

  • Visioning - essential for clarifying the purpose of a group - how and why to do it.
  • Backcasting - use this to develop a visual shared plan.

Developing partnerships and networks

How to build and publicise your group through awareness raising

Tools for Awareness Raising

Inner Transition

Being part of a movement

  • London Transition GroupsForming networks of TI's - how other groups can help and why its good to make connections
  • Find out what groups are nearby to you and get in contact
  • See all of the Transition Initiatives in the world on one big map  one big map
  • See what the transition movement is doing by theme

What projects should we do?

Once your Initiative is underway, there are all sorts of things you can do to help make your community healthier happier and more resilient.  Transitioners are involved in local food projects, Inner Transition groups, energy projects, upcycling and remaking projects, skill shares and much, much more. You'll want to check out what feels most relevant and useful to your neighbourhood and it's worth thinking carefully about the level of energy and resources you have within your group.  Aim to design projects that feel fun, valuable and achievable!  You might want to have another look at the Ingredients listed above, in particular the 'How to develop and sustain your Initiative section' ,and apply them to any new project group that you set up.What Transition Groups Do

For ideas and information about individual projects look here:

  • See what other groups are doing in the Projects section and contact them to have a chat. You can search by theme. This section contains information on a range of projects such as arts and crafts, business and economics, diversity and social justice, education, effective groups, energy, food, health, housing, Inner Transition, local government and transport.
  • Local food projects - information on setting up a local food group
  • Land based projects - how to gain access to land (UK specific)
  • Great reskilling - develop those traditional skills that have been lost and new skills that will help you in the future
  • Transition in Education - doing Transition in schools, colleges and universities

How do I further develop my Initiative

Most importantly read this resource Moving from Initiating Phase to an established Transition Initiative which outlines the whole process of developing your initiative.

Group development:

Analysing community needs and ways to meet them:


Transforming your local economy... Transition groups (and others) are already running brilliant, inspiring projects and enterprises that create new livelihoods, and show new ways of providing essential good and services. The REconomy Project (part of the Transition Network) is here to help you get started on your own activity... explore the REconomy Project website to find out more about

  • Inspiring enterprises (new ways to make a living and meet Transition’s aims)
  • Economic enablers (projects & activities to help local enterprises thrive e.g. local currencies)
  • Leadership projects (partnering, vision and strategies for transformation e.g. economic evaluations/blueprints)

Where can I find more resources?

  • We have a resources database that you can search to get more help. It includes things like posters, constitutions, reports, research and much more.

3. What training is available?

Transition Training

Are you setting up a Transition Initiative?

We recommend that as many people as possible from your core group attend the Transition Launch training. It is the best way to get an overview of how to do transition, is the most up to date support we offer and it helps to go through the process with others in your group.

There are a number of ways to participate:

  • In person at a Launch Training in the UK. 
  • Launch Training can also be done Online over an 8 week period (currently only available in English)
  • In the UK, a Transition Initiative or group of Initiatives can arrange to host a Launch training locally (you will need at least 12 people each paying £100 to cover the cost)

If you are looking for Transition Trainers in other countries, please check out the International Trainers contact page. There are Transition Trainers delivering courses in Ireland, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Germany, the USA, Brazil, and Holland.

Has your Initiative been running a while?

Thrive Training will really help you to build momentum and concentrates on how to develop your group to enable this. Again we recommend that as many people as possible attend this training.

Other training available

There are also other training courses available on a range of topics, such as Effective Groups and Inner Transition, all of which will help take your initiative forward so you have more of an impact. Also check out our partners who offer a wide range of training courses on a variety of topics.


4. My Initiative is having problems what help is there?

The first place to search for relevant advice and information is the menu of ingredients below. 

Many Initiatives have problems with the smooth running of their core group, sometimes experiencing conflict or difficult group dynamics, check out here for lots of advice on these issues.

If your group is struggling with a particular issue and you can't find anything relevant on our website, you can contact our Project Support person, Mike Thomas, by using the contact form here and selecting Project Support as the category for your enquiry.

We'll do our best to help.