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Welcome to the Social Reporters homepage.

The Social Reporters are people doing Transition around The United Kingdom who want to write together about Transition, or related topics. They set their own editorial agenda.

The Social Reporting project began in 2011 with 12 'social reporters' around the United Kingdom, producing one blog post every day on a different topic set each week (see right hand column). At the moment, it is a smaller band of writers, who are always interested in new people joining.

If you have any questions, or would like to write a guest blog, or join the group, please email the social reporters.

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Does this story have a happy ending?

Stories hold up a mirror to our own lives, helping us to make sense of our difficulties and joys and imparting hope, truth and understanding.

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Gladiators, Football and Transition

The main function of the Colosseum was to host public events designed to distract and socially control the public. Despite the huge cost of staging events that could last 100 days and cost thousands of lives, entry to the public was free.

How to transform your local economy in one day

We want community-led economic development, the kind that's just, ecologically regenerative, inclusive and equitable. But it's easier said than done. Creating bottom-up economic change is incredibly difficult. But for the past three years, we've been doing something that seems to be working. It's relatively cheap and easy to do.

5 reasons why the world cup will never be environmentally sustainable.

So it’s over for another four years (hooray!) No more hearing ‘fun facts’ over breakfast, about minor players and fixtures, from my football obsessed son, and no more avoiding my favourite pubs which for several weeks became no-go zones of crowds and big screen TVs. But personal dislike aside, just how bad is the world cup (and other major sporting events) for the environment.

The Duke's a Hazzard

Totnes, the town that took on Costa Coffee and stopped them opening an unwanted coffee house in the High Street, is now challenging plans by the Duke of Somerset to build over eighty homes on the site of a long established dairy farm on the edge of the town.

Allez! Allez! Allez!

Every once in a while the huge screen went blank and a tennis score was displayed Federer – Djokovic 1 set all 6-6.

Our Mainstream Stories

Did you see the mainstream coverage of the Local Entrepreneur Forum in Totnes? The full-page spread and the Sunday magazine feature? The 6 o'clock news segment?

Everything we dream of makes the impossible possible

The northwest of Britain is a wonderful paradox and, in many ways, symbol for the inner work that is needed to make the transition from our unsustainable society to a world where wellbeing is the principle measure of success.

The Ukraine, Sharks and Compost Loos

We see things not as they are but as we are…and who we are is partly determined by the stories we absorb.

Many of us grew up under the shadow of the cold war. A time when Reagan and Thatcher told us stories about the Evil Empire in the East threatening the champions of liberty and democracy in the West.

Tales from Wales

It’s been a while since I blogged about Transition; I‘ve been holed up writing the tales of my  storywalk around Transition initiatives which took place in 2010.

Does this story have a happy ending?

Stories hold up a mirror to our own lives, helping us to make sense of our difficulties and joys and imparting hope, truth and understanding.

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