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Directory of Facilitators

This directory of facilitators is also available as a map. Not all the facilitators have added their locations, so may not appear on the map; please ask them to! The complete list is below.

We use the term "facilitators" to mean people familiar with Transition and involved in a local transition initiative who have skills in facilitating some or all of the following areas:

  • meetings
  • conferences
  • workshops
  • conflict resolutions
  • open space meetings
  • world cafe meetings

This listing/map has been automatically generated by people who have self-identified as facilitators. It should enable you in your own initiative to find a facilitator for a specific task, meeting or event.

None of them have been "vetted", so make sure that you establish your initial requirements carefully and ensure that the facilitator understands precisely what's expected and can judge if he/she is up to the task. It's also best to establish up front any arrangements for travel expenses or other types of payment.

We also recommend that, in the interests of getting your own initiative skilled up, that you find someone to shadow the facilitator and learn first hand some of the skills involved. A debriefing session is also very helpful so that facilitators can a) get a feel for how they might improve and b) pass on essential skills.

We'll need to know if anyone is grossly misrepresenting their skill levels, so please let us know right away if that's the case.

Facilitator list: