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Opening new spaces through the arts

Are you an artist interested in how the arts can open up new and collective spaces for people of all walks of life?  We’re going to be organising a meeting in the New Year to bring together artists involved in Transition who have an interest and/ or experience in participatory processes and the arts.  If this sounds like you, please contact, Catrina Pickering,, 01865 403147.

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All of the Arts?

Let's hope that all of the arts will be represented at this meeting. So often people think 'visual arts' or 'music' instead of remembering that the spoken word too is an art form. Every person has an individual voice: let us rediscover the true nature of the personal through storytelling and poetry (ecopoetry especially at this time). We might also rediscover the art of listening to each other and the joy, acceptance and respect that this brings in its wake.