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Role of facilitation in Transition theme group write up

From Chrissie Godfrey: 

In our group we talked about the role of facilitation in Transition. We felt that paying attention to the process by which groups work together is just as important as growing food or putting up wind turbines.

No group is perfect, there are always the tensions and power dynamics at play, but we saw being able to embrace and work with difference as a real positive – and that takes a particular skill set and a willingness to participate in the life of the group. With many of us in the group using facilitation as part of our working life anyway, we felt very affirmed in our capacity to bring this skill into Transition, whichever particular tool we tended to favour (e.g. Open Space, World Café, Action Learning).

In fact we wondered whether naming and holding on to our “tools” could sometimes put people off and realized that we are actually talking about an underlying set of approaches that join them up: valuing each other’s wisdom; giving each other space to speak and be heard; noticing process as much as content.

We would love Transition to be known for its skill set in working with and within groups. We touched on the relationship between leadership and facilitation but didn’t have nearly enough time to get into that one…….!