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Leadership hot topic write up

Leadership hot topic write up from Carin Schwartz: 

  • Bullet points from Fishbowl- session on Leadership
  • Leadership can be seen as a dirty word
  • Follow Geese model, take turns and help each other leading
  • Allow listening, people want to be heard
  • A project does not belong to the Project Leader, it is important to ensure there is a group behind each project, preferably with several people sharing responsibility
  • Leadership is not about power
  • Leadership meetings could use facilitation from outside
  • Passion can be confused for steamrolling the group, or being too forceful
  • Leadership can be Rank (psychological, political, spiritual, specialist rank, etc) in which case it is useful if it is applied in that context but then ‘rotated’
  • A project (or sub-group) could be stronger by having 2 or more people in leadership position to enable alternating leadership. Example of successful leadership with food project given where leader stepped out to care for ill mother and project successfully passed to others.
  • Concept of ‘Let Go’ is important to avoid burn out, easiest if leadership is shared
  • ‘Viable System’, model used in Ireland as a way away from command and control. Suports people being autonomous instead of ‘being told what to do’.
  • Spiritual leaders – a benign way of embodying the teaching
  • Super hero syndrome expressed, i.e. being appreciated by both group and public reinforces view of one person doing everything. The speaker asked for support of tools to learn how to delegate more
  • A leader is just a Speaker of the collective voice
  • See your group as a ‘Leader-Full’ group