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Healthcare theme group write up

Healthcare theme group write up from Carolyn Dougherty: 

Saturday morning’s health and wellbeing theme group split into ‘burning questions’ subgroups for the last half hour; I joined the one addressing the question, ‘what would a transition healthcare organisation look like?’

Caring work would be organised and offered through collective/cooperative groups of carers, where people were paid fairly and where they received validation and support for their work. Carers would expand beyond ‘person centred’ care into ‘people centred’ care, and consider all of people’s needs, not just their physical needs.

Care organisations should strive to employ more people, not fewer; ‘efficiency’ is not a desirable or appropriate objective. Models from the past and from other countries (e.g. relief organisations and medieval European and Islamic hospitals) can provide models for facilities that can operate with low energy and few resources. One person pointed out that people often prefer to be in their own homes rather than purpose built facilities, while another said that being cared for in a hospital makes some people feel valued and cared for. Design that promotes healing should be more consciously considered.

Some felt that devoting extensive resources to sophisticated life-extending technologies kept other more necessary needs from being met, and some of us believed that equality should be an explicit dimension of any health care offering that conforms to transition principles.