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Blog from David Lyons from Haddenham

I am here at the 2011 transition conference in Liverpool, the biggest European (at least ) get together for people active in transition. There are people from around the world, each wearing a badge saying where they’re from – and also what they are interested in.
I attended a discussion group on transport – an important part of our support system (think food, fuel, clothing, getting to work, building materials…) – if not the most important part.

Whilst there are many projects aimed at reducing travel dependence on fossil fuels, few of transition groups are pioneering them – as one person said ‘it is the elephant in the room’. We discussed how to make residential areas more friendly to people and people powered transport.

Having Peter Lipman from Sustrans in our group was a great source of information and we all leant. I am currently involved in a 20’s Plenty campaign and have seen home zone which are very expensive – but I learnt about DIY streets and other approaches to shifting the balance towards people rather than cars.

As usual the conference is a very intensive experience with almost every social interaction including some learning of other people’s transition activities, successes and failures and sharing my story. I am sure I will go to bed exhausted – but very stimulated.