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Blogs from Transition Network staff, Transition Social Reporters from around the UK, Transition US and Transition Voice.

Web service strategic update July 2014

This is a brief update on where the web project is at the end of July 2014

How we celebrate! Transition Town Wilmslow's energy group

Like many Transition groups we have spawned different subgroups at different times to meet particular interests and concerns. The Energy group has been going for quite a while and what picked it up was putting in a bid for government Local Energy Assessment Funding. This brought out some new talented people, who have run businesses and charities, a Nobel prize winner on climate change, Cheshire Groundwork as fund holders, and got us a successful bid. In turn that brought in staff time to get out publicity, recruit a lot of new volunteers to use thermal cameras, and advise householders.

Web steering group meeting notes 090714

Web Steering Group Meeting 09/07/14

Comms delivery group meeting report 8 July 2014

Communications Group meeting


Transition Technologist meeting notes 2 July 2014

Ttech f2f meet


Holidays and availability

Chris: July/August: full time daddy day care (first half at home, second half in campsite in france)
Sam: 21/7-23/7: no big blocks of away, 14/8 7/8 not available
Annesley: 23/7 - 28/7


Celebrating Transition at the Transition Northwest Conference

Saturday 12th July saw the first pilot Transition Roadshow take place, the Transition Northwest Conference.  And if the four subsequent Roadshows are to prove anywhere near as good, then it represents a great new evolution in how to celebrate and support Transition at the local level.  The conference was held at the University of Cumbria in Lancaster, hosted by the Institute for Leadership and SustainabilityTransition City Lancaster had done wonders in pulling together the event, and their care and attention to detail was clear throughout. 

Chris Johnstone: "Without celebration, we wither away"

Chris Johnstone works in the area of the psychology of resilience, sustainable happiness and is co-author, with Joanna Macy, of Active Hope: how to face the mess we're in without going crazy. Chris appeared at both the Unleashing of Transition Town's Totnes and Lewes, and has interacted with different Transition groups ever since. He's also an accomplished musician (you can hear him playing briefly at the end of the podcast of our interview).  I started by asking him why celebration matters:

How we celebrate! Transition Bristol

 A couple of weeks ago, Transition Bristol held their Small Green Sunday event, to celebrate and reflect on all that they have achieved over the last seven years.

Transition Roadshow - posting one person's round up of the day

I have to preface Graham's piece with an Editor's Apology - he used the technology as asked and emailed me this on the day, however it didn't arrive in my inbox until the following day. 
Graham's impressions
  • I’ve really enjoyed the experience today – the workshops were very useful – Wish I could have gone
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