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Blogs from Transition Network staff, Transition Social Reporters from around the UK, Transition US and Transition Voice.

Interview: George Monbiot on Rewilding

In July I had the great privilege of chairing George Monbiot's presentation on rewilding at the Ways With Words literary festival at Dartington Hall.  Before the talk we found a quiet corner and chatted for about half an hour about the book, and some of the ideas and issues it raises.  If you'd rather download or listen to a podcast of our conversation, you'll find it at the end of this post. I started by asking George to give a sense of what his new book Feral is all about.  

Why Transition needs a sense of wonder

It's dusk.  The family who arrived earlier in the day and pitched their tent next to ours have just asked us if we'd like to join them for a short walk to see "something magical".  We walk in the near-darkness down a grassy track to a lane with hedgerows on either side, the sea away to our right and the lights of Plymouth giving the clouds ahead of us an apricot-coloured underbelly, until something catches our eye.  Two dots of greenish light in the hedge.  Glowworms.  


Wendell Berry’s Jayber Crow and the loving community

What I saw now was the community imperfect and irresolute but held together by the frayed and always fraying, incomplete and yet ever-holding bonds of the various sorts of affection.  There had maybe never been anybody who had not been loved by somebody…It was a community always disappointed in itself, disappointed in its members, always trying to contain its divisions and gen

Transition for tribal communities in Orissa, India

Transition Training Empowering Tribal Communities in Orissa

MayEastIt was summer 2013 and wasn't sure I was hearing right.

The Future of Food: a new Transition programme for primary schools

This is a guest blog from Marina O’Connell who runs the Apricot Centre in Essex as a small market garden and education centre. Over the last year Schools in Transition has been developing and trialling a programme for primary schools that is based on the CPRE Food Web Mapping Toolkit.

Creating a culture of celebration

apple with heart When I was about 12 a friend of my sister came on holiday with my family.

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