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Dianne Morris

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Community Microsite update

This is an update for all those initiatives using the old wiki for their website, and those newly interested in the 'Community Microsites'.

While the public face of the website has been settling in nicely with the profiles and news system and so forth, we've been tinkering behind the scenes on a very important piece of the web project puzzle - Community Microsites.


We are well aware that some folks are hanging on for this and appreciate your patience - there have been 'issues' requiring attention. We want the microsites out too, but it's better to launch gently and safely and calmly (and later) than rush into something early that isn't user friendly and unsafe technically and Ed can't be around to help out.

Peter Wardley-Repen

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United Kingdom

 Experienced webmaster, writer, photographer and film-maker with a long-standing interest in Permaculture, Transition and "green" issues in general. 

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United Kingdom
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Announcing the new forums

Ta da! We are proud to announce the (gentle) opening of our new forums.

forum screengrab

We have had these up our sleeves for a while now, but things being what they are, bugs being bugs, conferences happening, houses moving, and other excitements, we've had to wait a while to get these out into the light.


Ning recently announced that it will soon be a paid-only service. Here's TN's position on it.

Are you using Ning? Thinking of moving? Want to talk?

Announcing Transition Drupal

At the April DrupalCon San Francisco conference the open-source Transition Drupal project was kicked off. Drupal is a popular website management system that specializes in creating social networks (its tag line is "community plumbing"). Many popular sites are being run on Drupal, recently becoming one of them.

The Ning situation

This is a post about Ning, who have announced their plans for moving to a solely paid model. There is also a forum topic on it in the new forums. This post offers some alternatives, our perspective on it, and a recommendation or two. You can read the whole thing from top to bottom or click on the these links to go direct to the relevant bits:

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