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the darkness around us is deep

I am walking towards the statue of Peter Pan. It is a cold grey winter's day in a winter that seems to go on forever. I have followed this path since I was six weeks old, when my parents brought me here to see the bronze statue of the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, the animals playing at his feet and the waterbirds on the Serpentine.

NEWS: Transition arts handbook finds its literary roots in the Calder Valley

What is our story? How do we make stories and how do they make us? What are the myths of progress we live by and and what new ones can we forge that will sustain us and life on earth?

Strategic Thinking or the Library at the End of the World

I knew as soon as the Man in Seat 61 (c) got on at Colchester that it was a Sign.

Coming down the dark mountain

Welcome to our week on Transition and associated movements. In the next five days we will looking at some of the other groups Transitioners are part of: Sara Ayech (Dartmouth Park) on Greenpeace, Sarah Woods ((Bro-Dyfi)) on anti-fracking in communities, Vickie and Sam (Haringey) on Time Banks and Craig Burnett (Sheffield) on the Quakers. Because Transition is not a stand-alone movement.

Adrienne Campbell - the spark that lit our stove

Last month our friend and fellow social reporter, Adrienne Campbell, died in her home town of Lewes. Today her family, friends, collegues and many who loved her are gathering for a Sustainable Memorial Picnic at the school she helped to set up, to celebrate her life and to mourn her passing.

deconstructing the beast

Ye Gods! declared Sally at Green Drinks as we conducted a go round in our September topic, So what is Transition? She was describing what it was like as a newcomer to join the local council and how amazing it was to be sitting here at the Green Dragon, unconstrained by the death-like vice of parish protocol. We all laughed. All of us have been there.

The Firm

My name is Charlotte and I am in Transition. Maybe I should rephrase that and say I’m in the Transition movement, or the Transition network (small n). One thing is for sure: I’m in a Transition initiative that is five years old this November.

The Lavender Hill Mob

It's 9am and there is no one on the beach. I'm about to set out by foot, bus, train and tube to the Battersea Arts Centre on Lavender Hill and I have leapt into the sea spontaneously for a last-minute dip. I have been swimming in this sea all summer long and can hardly bear to part with this feeling of fluidity, this physical immersion in the wild elemental world.

mapping the moment

Sunday. Finsbury Park. It's all about time. Are we going too fast to catch up with ourselves? Yesterday at the first workshop How to Create Happy Healthy Cultures we looked at how going fast gets your places, but you doesn't give you the space, or the relaxed frame to absorb or perceive what is going on.

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