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Talis Kimberley

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South West
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United Kingdom

Transition activities

Haddenham in Transition
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About Talis Kimberley

I'm a Wiltshire-based songwriter and singer, working solo and with a floating band; my songs are inspired by green issues, folklore, local history and literature, besides many other things. Solo, I perform with guitar and bouzouki as well as acapella, and last year for example I performed for (among others) the National Trust (Orchard Festival, Penrith) the Swindon Literary Festival, the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (assorted venues), Cricklade's Green Day, and a wide variety of other events and venues.

I'll sing you the secret world of teabags, or what Lady MacBeth said to Helen of Troy over a bottle of wine. I'll sing you a recipe for quince jelly and what kind of car the Moon drives. I can give you a hymn to self-sufficiency or peak oil in four lines... I always aim to inspire and entertain my audience, by giving them narratives and a little gentle humour. Patchwork and teabags, the local postman and the sound made by fresh-baked bread are as likely to feature in my songs as folkloric archetypes, global issues and green politics.

I like to take my audience places and bring them back changed; I'll make them smile, and I'll make them think as well.

It's all about the story.