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Paul Sousek

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How long lived in neighbourhood: 
0 to 5
Geographic region : 
South West
Geographic region : 
Geographic region : 
United Kingdom

Transition activities

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About Paul Sousek

Spent 20 years in market research, discovered Peak Oil in 2005, changed my life, quit career, sold house, rescued pension, bought a farm, converted to organic, built up a herd of native rare breed of cattle (Red Ruby) and sheep (Wiltshire Horn), selling meat boxes locally and nationwide on Ebay, converted whole farm to renewables for water heating, space heating, electricity (wind and panels), water from bore hole, running cars and tractor on home produced bio diesel made from waste vegetable oil, built a pond for fishing, planted hundreds of trees for wood, fruit and nuts, grow own veg, soft fruit, potatoes, keep poultry. In short built a lifeboat. Now spreading the message through Transition to establish an island of resilience: (see Cottage Farm in Food Directory).

Presentation on our conversion from townies and non-farmers to organic and carbon neutral farmers producing food for our locality, having cut 100% of our carbon and providing almost all our own renewable energy and using near zero fossil fuels.

Roles I perform/skills I can share: