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Diana Korchien

Social Reporter

This person is a social reporter for the Transition Network. Check out their blog.

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How long lived in neighbourhood: 
More than 20
Geographic region : 
South East
Geographic region : 
Geographic region : 
United Kingdom

Transition activities



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About Diana Korchien

I love this planet. I love all life upon it. I love the human race. I don't want to see us causing any more horrific disruption, destruction and disequilibrium to the web of life. I fear for our common future if we do not learn to share again - now!

I can tell you about my past life if you really want to know. It seems to have very little relevance to the now and the next. I live now only for what I can offer to our common fight for a balanced survival.

Previous large project: The Calendar of Climate Change (2007, 2008, 2009)

Project in development: an illustrated anthology of Transition poetry.



Communicating difficult concepts

Helping people to accept, internalise and personalise 'abstract' concepts

Creative Project management

Integrating the arts into Heart & Soul of Transition

Ideas, ideas, ideas - a fountain of ideas

Picture Research

Picture Editing

Writing: journalism, press releases that get published!

Roles I perform/skills I can share: 
Roles I perform/skills I can share: