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Local Initiative
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South East
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United Kingdom
Last updated: Sunday, 15 April 2012


CT21 5XW
United Kingdom
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 We held a first public meeting, with around 60 in attendance, including local MP, in September 2010. One speaker was Steve Plater, explaining the Transition theory and the experiences from Sevenoaks. The driving force has been the Shepway branch of the Green Party but we are just 'giving birth' to the scheme, we recognise that it is not political.

A steering group was set up in early December. We have good contacts with local groups in 'green' areas, and started to attract local press coverage. We identified a number of local projects, with sub-groups being formed.

Our next meeting was on Monday 17th January 2011 when we set up the first sub-groups and kicked off our first projects. The activities included contacting local schools, setting up a website and planned schemes for a community allotment, a bug hotel project for schools, tree and hedgerow planting, a garden swap initiative, eco bags, and potentially a card scheme to support local retailers. A first hedge planting session took place on Friday 18th February. 

A major public event for the transition scheme was Hythe's popular Venetian Fete on the Royal Military Canal in August 2011. We built a float that sought to relay the transition message and carried out publicity around the event, including leafletting on the night. We have also spoken at a number of foums, including the Hythe Civic Society AGM, and had a fair amount of local press coverage.

We held a 'Next Steps' public event at the start of February 2012, which added more people to the initiative and, within a 'white board' area, produced lots of new ideas. By this stage we estimated we'd had more than 200 people involved in one or more Transition Hythe project. The best participation events, which have been the simplest to arrange, have been the clean-ups of the beach and other local areas, of which the highest profile was our 'Hythe Spring Clean' in March 2012.

Transition Hythe has good momentum, with an ever higher profile in the town and more and more proactive participants. 


Primary point of contact: 
Martin Whybrow
Media point of contact: 
Chris Turnbull
Volunteer point of contact: 
Ross Carter

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