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Understanding Involvement in Emerging Social Movements: A Case Study of Jersey in Transition

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Hi All,

I am currently undertaking research for my MSc thesis, looking into understanding involvement in the Transition Towns Movement, to provide theoretical background I am focusing on the theories of radical New Social Movements and am using Transition island community initiative 'Jersey in Transition' to suitably direct research in the time frame available. 

I am conducting an analysis of documentation, a survey of membership, based on Dr Gill Seyfang's previous membership survey in Transition Norwich, and finally ~6 in-depth, semi-structured interviews with key informants. 

I have attached a copy of my initial research proposal (N.B. some changes may have been made now as study has progressed)

Please let me know if you are interested in my study or have any questions. 

Once complete I will post it to the Resource Directory if anyone would like to read,

Best Wishes

Katie Mason 

University of East Anglia

Research Proposal.final_.pdf916.27 KB