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Relational Resilience: An Operational Resilience-Based Framework

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I am a Doctoral candidate at York University in Toronto, currently undertaking research to inform a relational socio-economic framework for building community resilience and integrated development outcomes. My research is concerned with organizational and developmental processes that foster socially sustainable as well as environmentally sustainable development.  I am working on a model that combines resilience theory and permaculture principles in a socio-economic framework that addresses the criteria of social sustainability and also enhances organizational operational resilience. 

 In the next phase of my work which will take place over the next few months, I am looking for Transition organizers and project leaders who can offer practical, experience-based input based on their experience as Transition practitioners at the regional hub and national levels. My principle research questions are: "How are resilience and adaptability incorporated within the Transition model in its operations?" and "How is operational resilience related to local economic and resource-development processes?"

I would love to hear from any Transition members operating at these levels who would be interested in my research!