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Planet Under Pressure: Call for Abstracts

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Planet Under Pressure is a major international science conference focusing on solutions to the global sustainability challenge. It will take place in London from 26-29 March 2012.  Abstracts are invited for oral and poster presentations within the conference sessions, with a submission deadline of 16th September 2011.

The session which may be of particular interest to you is called:  Resilient Communities: local pathways to meet the energy, climate, and resource depletion challenges.  This is under the sessions for Day 2: Options and Opportunities.  Theme: Transforming our Way of Living

You’ll find further details below, please do forward this notice to individuals, groups and networks who may be interested in submitting abstracts.

Session Title: Resilient Communities: local pathways to meet the energy, climate, and resource depletion challenges
Details: The challenges posed by resource depletion and climate change mitigation and adaptation, in particular the provision of energy services to those currently without and efficient consumption of energy, require multi-sectoral and multi-scalar action. Urban and rural community-led initiatives are rapidly evolving to address these differing priorities and challenges, providing locally relevant pathways to change in developed and developing countries.

Using a combination of innovative and traditional bottom-up socio-technical approaches, community-led initiatives are catalysing responses to planetary pressures which incorporate inclusive community building, and social, economic and environmental justice. The purpose and function of these community-led initiatives varies according to their political, economic and environmental contexts. Some create development pathways which reach beyond Government targets, whilst others are creating novel governance structures.

This session aims to bring together academics, practitioners and policy makers to critically examine the role of community-led initiatives in response to planetary pressures. Presentations of papers, short case studies and posters from developed and developing perspectives will discuss cross-sectoral mutual learning of the practices of capacity building, the processes of community building and associated well-being implications, and means of supporting these initiatives.

Key session questions are:
Could community-led initiatives be an effective vehicle in creating resilient societies with increased quality of life? What can we learn about the role of community-led solutions in different geographical and political contexts? How can communities learn from and with each other? Should and how could Government, policy makers and business best interact with and support effective community-led approaches?