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Your input please on 'what's a Transition Enterprise'

Dear REconomy people,

If you get a moment, we would really welcome your feedback on the attached draft document (and as also posted here on Rob's blog).

Many thanks,


What's a Transition Enterprise v2.doc49.5 KB


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Shared value interprietation

Fiona, Thanks for your response on the What is a Transition Enterprise blog post. I tuned in to one statement in particular, on an organisation defining its own interpretation of shared value,

This expression as you will know derives from Harvard Business Review and sets out the case for business with embedded social purpose. You will find an identical case being made from social enterprise when in 2006 it was published within a strategy proposal, describing a centre for social enterprise, The shared value concept came from social enterprise to begin with.

  The model had been first conceived

in a theoretic paper from 1996

and was first used in 1999 to source a localisation approach in Tomsk after top-down failed in Russia under Harvard's guidance.         


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Shared vision interpretation

Interesting and useful references Jeff, thanks for these. Do we know/ are you aware of any information in English about how social enterprises have faired in this part of the former Soviet Union since the recommendations ?