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Haddenham May Day

Each year Haddenham holds a traditional may day event with morris dancers and a maypole.  It is a relatively low key event normally held on the village green (see ).  For the first time we decided to have a stall there to publicise our initiative, but at the start time it was raining so hard (at last - our gardens/allotments have been parched!) that it was moved to the village hall!  The maypole was set up in the hall on a flat base with 4 portly morris dancers on chairs on each side to weight it down - a 'formation drinking display'!  We didn't get as many visitors to our stall as we would have on the green but we all agreed it was a success and worthwhile.  We held a competition for the local junior school to design a sustainability poster and had number of very good entries.  Here are the winners from Hannah (Reception), Lily G (Y1), Seb (Y2) and Sam (Y3).


Such activities are definitely the way forward for engaging young people!  There was also a lot of people interested in our next meeting 'Pig in Day' on 24 May - some from a practical point of view...some just out of curiosity.  Conversations with people in the hall showed that the current economic situation and general awareness of peak oil make people more amenable to the concepts of transition, though for many it is still something best put out of mind.

We had intended to hold a picnic on the village green in the afternoon when everthing was packed up...but as everthing was wet we took the easy option of having a pub lunch at the Rose and Thistle - our home pub (

Do send us your comments/messages etc...and if anyone has any images of the event, please send them to our email address and we will add them to this page.