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Production team

photo of emma

Emma Goude

Director and Editor

Making documentaries is one of the ways I affect change in the world.  I've been blown away by stuff I've seen and set out to raise people's consciousness through the medium of documentary.

I started out in TV, at the BBC Natural History Unit in 1995 and moved into the Independent sector 3 years later.  After 10 years working my way up from Researching to Directing, work dried up for me.  I turned down an ethically questionable reality TV show job knowing full well I was watching the door close on my 'career'.  But I just couldn't face putting my time and energy into keeping people sedated in front of their TVs.

Instead I trained up as a professional Shiatsu Practitioner, got back in touch with what really mattered to me and moved to Devon.  I had no idea filming would come and find me again!  I'd been doing mind numbing admin jobs to get by and had reached the end of my tether when I met up with Ben Brangwyn from Transition Network.

He recognised my talent and enthusiasm and was keen for me to be involved with the first Transition Film. I was so thrilled to be involved with stories that made a difference. It was very healing to be immersed in a world where people believed change was possible.  It's just what I needed to get back on track with my working life.

Emma Goude
tel: 01803 865413

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Beccy Strong

Research and camera

I've worked making films for the last 15 years. A big chunk has been broadcast work for the BBC and the BBC Natural history unit, channel 4 and National Geographic. I've had some incredible experiences and met some amazing people along the way and feel really lucky. I feel like I've learnt so much from the people I've filmed and from the animals. For me the highlights were: spending months at a time with elephants in Kenya and gorillas in Rwanda - really getting to know the individuals; and in complete contrast, spending a month with Billy Connolly in a war ravaged hospital in Somaliland for comic relief - seeing how incredible the human spirit can be in the face of crisis.

Five years ago I became a mum and also trained as a shiatsu therapist. These two things have changed the direction I am taking with my media work. I no longer fly all over the world spending months at a time away from home. I still have a big passion for documentaries as a way of getting exposure for things that fire me up but have moved away from broadcast work. I want to throw my energy and experience now directly into films for projects and people that inspire positive change, equality, animal rights and protection of habitats...I set up a production company to work with charities NGO's and ethical organisations which has over the years involved some inspiring collaborations.

tel: 01803 865942

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Emilio Mula

Animations and DVD Extras.

At different times in the past 20 years I have been a teacher of multimedia software,
a video artist, animator and comics artist, and for four years I was coordinating a multimedia department at Narita, a Creative Studio in the south of Spain.

For a long time I'd felt the need to channel my energy and creativity into a vision of a more humane and sustainable way of life, rather than just selling ideas to make profit.

I found my way to Permaculture, which gave me an understanding of the bigger picture of how all of our systems (natural and human) interact and are interconnected, as well as an approach to designing practically anything based on how natural ecosystems work. When I discovered the Transition Movement I was shocked (in a good way!) by the clarity and positivity with which it was using permaculture principles to bring these understandings to communities in an empowering way.

I decided to change my life and put all of my time and creative experience into making these ideas accessible to everyone. With my partner I have created a Social Enterprise called NU Project. The Multimedia section of NU Project aims to create documentaries and visual materials to share and expand our ideas of what a resilient future might look like.

I'm thrilled to be a part of Transition 2.0 - it's going to be a movie that will help people to understand just how many different ways of mixing up the ingredients of Transition there can be!

tel: 01803 840266