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Here are a few quotes from Transition Training attendees:


LAUNCH TRAINING, Totnes, 21-22 April 2012, with Sophy & Hamid

“A great amount of resources and information was packed into the whole weekend which was immensely rich and felt like real value for time and money given. Despite the amount of material covered the teachers and style of teaching still allowed for time to reflect and share thorughts, ask questions, express concerns amongst the group making for a very inspiring, rewarding and inclusive learning experience”


“The course not only offered the practical skills I was looking for in setting up a group, running meetings, etc but also acknowledged and made me think about the "inner transition" which I hadn't even realised was happening.  Was a very thought provoking weekend which left me with a lovely peaceful feeling for days after.”


“Excellent experience. Insightful and very relevant.”

“Incredibly inspiring, incredible to meet so many brilliant people.”


Even better than I imagined. So well thought out; brilliant training
Totnes, Jan 2011, with Nick & Inez

Excellent facilitation and team work
N. Queensferry, Scotland, Feb 2011, with May & Hamid

I found this one of the most conducive environments I’ve ever worked in, and been fully able to participate in ... actually the most!
Midlands, Mar 2011, with Mike & Ann

Brilliant. Excellent content and sense of support; sensitive, focused, responsive
Melrose, Mar 2011, with Sophy & Naresh

The training proved enlightening and stimulating and widened my understanding of the broader issues.” 
Wivenhoe,  June 2011, with Gerri & Marina

Fantastic! Very participatory! Thank you!

LAUNCH TRAINING, 8-9 October 2011 with Many & Stefan

Big thank you! Helped me regain my confidence- indeed a perfect ice-breaker!

LAUNCH TRAINING, London, November 2011- with Hamid & Marina


Very enjoyable, informative and empowering – nicely balanced between ideas and impetus to action
Worcester, Jan 2010 with Nick & Bernadette

An amazing course, professionally delivered
(Hampstead, Mar 2010

Excellent 2 days. Inspiring and enriching
Berwick on Tweed, Mar 2010, with Gerri & Teen

The trainers are amazing people; very patient and dedicated. Excellent resources and materials provided. An excellent weekend
London, Sept 2010, with Marina & Ann

May is a very inspiring individual – great to have someone of such high calibre leading the event
Aberdeen, Talk Training, September 2010 with May East

Trainers were excellent – total value for money and time spent – very enjoyable experience
Newcastle, Nov 2010, with Sophy & Naresh

Excellent facilitators created a safe environment and promoted discussion
Lincoln, Nov 2010, with Mike & Mandy

One of the best training workshops of any kind I have been on!
Cheltenham, Nov 2010, with Nick & Bernadette

I don't normally go in for hyperbole but it was a life changing experience... The trainers are awesome
Ipswich, Dec 2010, with Naresh & Marina


The course was highly integrating because your methods are so holistic, creative, democratic and skilled. You really walk your talk and provide a superb model individually and together
London, July 2009, with Nick & May

Communicative and engaging facilitation
Farnham, Sept 2009, with Mike & Mandy

Excellent facilitation skills from Naresh & Bernadette
Totnes, Sept 2009

Very impressed by the quality of the training and the foresight and breadth of both the training and the transition movement as a whole
Somerset, Sept 2009, with Nick & Jenny

This course far outpassed my expectations, so much information in a short time but given in a way to remember  
St Albans, Oct 2009, with Gerri & Mandy

Facilitators – excellent; very competent, knowledgeable and accessible
Suffolk Coast, Oct 2009 with Mandy & Hal

Both Ann & Inez were excellent presenters – inspiring, knowledgeable, approachable. Arrangements and materials excellent
London, Oct 2009

[... the trainers] are both extremely good at what they do, practical and giving
London, Nov 2009, with Ann & Stefan

2007 – 2008

I think it would be very difficult to offer anything more rounded or useful.

Great to have facilitators with so much experience and passion for TTT. Very well planned, facilitated, covering a vast range of material. Thank you, I feel more confident and much clearer about [my local transition project] and my own role.

Thank you – very safe, helpful and engaging couple of days.

Really good, hard work, but that is not a criticism!

I would like to... thank [Sophy and Naresh] for covering so much in such a short space of time and so eloquently.

It feels like all the things I have been doing since my teens are all so relevant to the transition process, and that my personal transition started so long ago.........

Just enjoyed the whole thing – very intensive, loads of information but fantastic. Nick & Hal were wonderful throughout
Taunton, Nov 2008