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Interested in sponsoring a course for your local community?

Sometimes Transitioners are fortunate enough to have either full or partial sponsorship in order to conduct a course in their local community.  This is a relatively inexpensive proposition for a sponsor, as we keep overheads very low, with the majority of the cost going to the local venue (which is usually a good cause in of itself!).  All teaching and training material is provided, but the cost of copying is not.  Sometimes the sponsor's employees can be offered space on the course or give a short presentation during the course.

Examples of past sponsors/funding are as follows:

  • Farnham District Council
  • Good Work, Inc. in St.Paul, MN, USA
  • Local Agenda 21 funding
  • Lush

An example of typical costs can be found to download below in section 3.4 Sample budget for a two day training:



Host a Training 2010-1.doc200 KB