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We have a teams of people – Transition Trainers – delivering our courses in the UK, and in the following countries with established Transition Training communities: US, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, France, Mexico, Luxembourg, and Holland.

If you are from one of these countries and would like to become a Transition Trainer, we suggest you get in touch with the national hub there first. If you are from a country without a Transition Training community (yet) then you are invited to register your interest via the contact form.

Becoming a Transition Trainer

If you want to join the Transition Training as a trainer, you'll need to show that you have considerable experience of:

  • Delivering trainings to high standards to a range of audiences
  • Working in a transition project
  • Be able to demonstrate that you can hold a group in a 'deepening' process. This means knowing how to hold people as they go expand their 'comfort zone'. Some of the key skills will centre around creating safety and being able to address issues that come up for individuals and in the group.

The dates for the next Train the Trainers course are Wednesday November 12th- Sunday November 16th, 2015 at Alingsas, Sweden. Please contact if you would like to be included for further notifications or if you have any questions.