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Acquire skills for effective public speaking enabling you to communicate why we need to do Transition, the mechanics of it, and some of the subtler facets of inner transition. 

This 1-day course teaches how to give an effective talk on Transition.  It is aimed at people already in a Transition Initiative to help them raise awareness and inspire others.

The day covers Peak Oil, Climate Change and the mechanics of Transition, along with the subtler subject of the inner transition. We also focus on the skills for effective public speaking.  We delivered the first ‘Talk Training’ course in Totnes in January 2008. Since then, we have now delivered this training for TIs all around the world.


We can't promise to kit you out with the charisma (or hairstyle) of a true legend, but there's a latent performer in all of us, and if we can harness that passion, we all have the capacity to get an audience fired up and wanting to take action.

Transition TALK provides you with:

  • A solid presentation that you can adapt to your own style.
  • A set of facts and figures to underpin your talk.
  • An understanding of how to communicate some of the deeper aspects of Transition.
  • A new level of confidence to deliver presentations with flair, authority and maybe a bit of humour too!


We aim to offer our courses at the lowest possible cost, £50-£60 for the day, because we recognise that most Transition folks are volunteering. We have a price range because there are lots of variables like venue cost, donations, sponsorship etc and each TI's situation is different.  If you can't afford this, then perhaps others in your Transition group can make up the shortfall, or you can try some imaginative crowd funding. A number of full or part bursaries are always available on every course, our aim is to make this two day workshop available to everyone regardless of their financial means.

Ready to book?

The first step is to visit the Training Calendar which gives details on specific courses.  Each listing has it's own contact person who will make the booking.

See the training calendar for details on upcoming TALK courses.