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Transition Launch is now online

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Launch training ColombiaTransition Launch Online is packed with imaginative ways to delve into the practice of Transition showing you how to set up, run and grow a Transition Initiative. It is also useful for people who have recently become involved in Transition and want to develop the essential skills and insights to help their Transition Initiative become a success.

Book now for Launch online beginning October 8th, 2014

Our first and second courses are finished.

Here is is a sample of what participants said about Launch onLine:

“I gained immensely from each session, & from all your sharing!!  I've been wanting to take the Launch course, & was only able to now, thanks to the online alternative...  So I also give a deep bow of appreciation to Naresh, Tom, Jennifer, & all those who helped initiate this course!” Diane in Malaysia

"I have more than 10 years of experience both designing/delivering and participating in online learning but I have never experienced what I experienced today at my second week of transition training... Energized, emotional, inspired…again, a group of wonderful people from Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, UK, France, Senegal, Netherlands, US, Spain, Brazil, New Zealand and Canada demonstrated that around the world there are people who care." Silvia BC Canada

What is Launch Online?

Transition Launch Online is the online version of our very popular face to face fundamentals course in the skills and practices of Transition.

Transition Training in BrazilTransition: Launch has been delivered hundreds of times in over 35 countries worldwide, gathering and spreading the collective wisdom of one the 21st century's most imaginative social movements.

The online version closely follow the two day face to face training, but with the strengths that an online course can bring.

Some of the many things that make it easier and better to do this training online are:

  • You can do it in your own time. There will be a weekly time we hold the webinar, but you can download or stream the webinar which will be up on the online 'classroom' (which is open all the time), so you can learn in your own time, review and re-watch whenever you like and learn at your own speed.
  • There is so much in the two day training people go away very full. By attending for 1 1/2 hours for eight weeks, you are getting the training in smaller chunks so you can think about it and digest it. And in between the weekly webinars you will have optional tasks which enable you to apply what you have learned and then because the class room is open you can ask questions which the facilitators and other and all of your class mates will be available to answer and discuss.
  • We are also able to put in new material into this training we can't fit into the two day. So i think it will be a more complete experience to what we can do on the two day.
  • We recognise that coming together with others is a great experience and there is nothing like the feeling of trust and togetherness that develops on a face to face training, but some people just don't like this and for them to do the training from home actually works better. Something like the difference between being an introvert or an extrovert. We want to make it possible for both.
  • Travel is expensive and time consuming. Doing this training from home eliminates this.
  • We will have some of the real experts from Transition training organisations around the world facilitating different segments. So you get the experience of people delivering the subjects they are passionate about.


Our partner

Gaia logoWe are running this course in partnership with Gaia University, an innovative leader in online learning. Gaia University supports leaders and innovators via action learning. We will be offering a two- three year Leadership in Transition in partnership with them starting February 2014.



Frequently asked Questions

See the FAQ pages where we are capturing and answering questions about the course, your requirements, the techology etc.


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Course description

See the course description page for a week by week outline of what will happen.

Our trainers

Meet the team that will be delivering Launch online

How does it work?

This training is delivered in a series of eight live webinars (online seminars) of 1.5 hours each.

Experienced facilitators will take you through each webinar using a hands on learning style that has made the face to face course so popular and effective. In each webinar you will be taught and guided by members of the transition training team through one of the important skills of Transition.

Transition training TailandThere will be a blend of group exercises, lectures, paired exercises, and a chance to ask and respond to questions.

You will be attending a full, complete course live with other participants from elsewhere in the world. Although in different places, you will be united by your passion and supporting each other in learning the Transition Town process.

In between each weekly webinar there will be a private course space for everyone including the facilitators to continue to discuss and explore ideas and suggestions from the webinars.

You will be invited to undertake tasks each week to immediately apply the learning to your own life, and to your Transition project; whether you are still in the set up or finding out about it phase, or actively doing Transition. In this private space there will be a chance to conduct forums, post blogs and videos, ask questions, and share your insights, challenges, and learning. This space will remain live for a time after the course for you to continue to learn and support each other.

There will also be a set of online resources that will provide background information and a chance to go into greater depth on any of the topics that you might wish to.