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Effective groups training courses

Nick Osborne trainer photo

 Nick Osborne is passionate about getting groups to work well.

The Effective Groups trainings provide understandings, tools and skills to do this. 

This training is for anyone working in a community or organisation, in a social change project, social enterprise or business and who wants to work creatively, dynamically and effectively with others.

Nick brings insight and experience in a relaxed and participatory style.




Effective Groups Training Courses:

  1. Introduction to Effective Groups
  2. Effective Collaboration

All of these courses are offered as live, face-to-face trainings. Online training modules from these are being developed for people to do in their own groups.

A third course, not officially part of the Effective Groups Resources, is delivered by Nick Osborne who delivers the rest of them, is the Holacracy Introductory Workshop, is part of the same overall approach and is explained below.

Introduction to Effective Groups

This 1-day introduction course covers the basic territory of what makes groups, teams and organisations effective.

It provides basic concepts of group dynamics, signposts of where to find out more and a guide to using the range of Effective Groups Resources.

It’s a useful foundation (but not necessary) for doing any of the following 2-day Effective Groups courses. Or if you are an experienced facilitator, it will equip you with what you need to go off and facilitate the use of the rest of the resources with your group.

Effective Collaboration

Do you want to get things done with other people, but without hierarchy? Most of us have grown up with and are surrounded by hierarchical structures: schools, government, many organisations, families… Many of us are wanting to move beyond hierarchy, to collaborate, include different voices and encourage participation.

But how do we create groups that do this without replicating hierarchical structures or spending too much time sitting around and talking about everything? We are not taught how to do this!

This 2-day course provides basic understandings and tools for how to collaborate with other people effectively. It covers fundamental aspects of Effective Groups and you will learn how to:

  1. Consider which type of ground rules or group agreements would best work for your group
  2. Develop shared purpose
  3. Communicate more collaboratively
  4. Manage conflict creatively
  5. Create a structure where tasks and roles are clear
  6. Learn effective decision making skills
  7. Run effective and enjoyable meetings
  8. Sustain motivation and involvement

 Costs for 2 days are £105. Bursaries are available.

Effective and Agile - Holacracy

A new operating system has evolved for getting things done together in groups, teams and organisations which enables them to be truly agile in a changing environment!

It's called Holacracy.

Holacracy goes a step further than the ‘pick n mix’ approach of the Effective Integration course, and is an entirely new system. Some of the features of Holacracy are that it:

  • has a clear and strong structure. Not hierarchical, not flat, but fractal
  • has a set of clear rules of the game in a constitution
  • supports the harnessing of collective wisdom and individual autonomy at the same time
  • does all of the above in service of people work towards an evolutionary purpose.

While this is not officially part of the Effective Groups Trainings, it is delivered by Nick Osborne who delivers the rest of the Effective Groups courses. It is included here as an independent offering to complement the other courses, since it fits within the same overall framework of hierarchy/collaborative and agile approaches.

For more information about Holacracy training and support in the UK visit Agile Organisation.