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Effective groups Films and DVD

We are working on a series of videos which explain the six areas of group life that need attention for a group to be healthy, effective and successful.

These are: Finding how you fit in your environment; Discovering Direction; Creating Culture; Working with Power & Structure; Efficient Operations; Learning, Sustaining and Evolving.

These areas will be explored in three types of groups: hierarchies, collaborative groups and agile organisations. Here is the introduction piece. The rest of the episodes will be uploaded as they get made.

A DVD of the complete set will also be available.


What are Effective Groups and how can we create them- an introduction and overview.

Creating Culture

What is the culture of a group and how is it created? If we don't like the culture of our group how can we change it to something better? What are soem of the resources and ideas we can use to change our group culture?

Finding direction

How do we decide where we want to go as a group? What is our vision as group and how does this fit with our purpose? What re some of the common problems with not knowing where we are going and how can we create a culture where we are all pulling together?

Getting things done together

Getting things done, with other people, is complex. There is something mysterious about how complicated it gets when other people get involved! This episode looks at the realm of actually doing work in organisations and groups- not just having meetings or setting direction. It shows how collaboration is not something which can be made to order, like a meal, but rather requires the right conditions for it to flourish and grow. It describes how getting things done together looks different whether it is done in a hierarchy, collaborative group or more agile organisation.


  Finding Fit

In the same way that animals thrive when they fit well into their environment, organisations need fit well into the larger ecosystem of which they are a part. This includes the economy, society and biosphere. This episode considers the ways in which this is done in conventional hierarchies, more collaborative approaches and more evolutionary and agile organisations.


 Learning and lasting

How does collective learning happen in hierarchical, collaborative and agile patterns of organisation? And how do we sustain motivation? There's no easy answers, but this short animation gives some insights by comparing how its done in these three different contexts.