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We have two core courses that introduce and develop the idea of a Transition initiative:


In parallel, we run a great course about working effectively in groups called Effective Groups, offered by trainer Nick Osborne. 

If you are trying to choose one of these three courses, which description below best matches your situation?

Are you…

  • just getting started
  • wondering how to bring visioning to your community
  • needing inspiration
  • looking for “Transition Basics”… what’s the right scale for a Transition Initiative, what works for others, etc
  • interested in understanding “Climate Change Basics”?

Go to Transition LAUNCH

Are you…

  • part of an established TI that is moving from the start-up phase into creating local resilience
  • joining an existing TI and who are looking to gain useful skills and insights into their next steps in Transition
  • working with or for local government
  • looking for ways to sustain momentum
  • from another environmental group but interested in gaining additional skills and insights into creating community resilience?

Go to Transition THRIVE

 In your group, do you want...

  • more effective and enjoyable meetings?
  • constructive ways to respond to conflict to create a healthy and successful group?
  • a clearer sense of shared purpose and how you are going to achieve it?
  • creative ways to welcome new people to your group and sustain involvement?
  • more clarity about how decisions are made and how to work together more collaboratively?

Go to Effective Groups

Other courses

We also teach a 1-day course, TALK, that enables participants to give a Transition presentation. 

Ready for more? There's a 'Train the Trainers' course called Transition TRAIN.

There's one more course that's taking shape based on building local social enterprise.  This is linked to our REconomy Project.  Here's a definition of what a typical Transition enterprise might look like.