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Affiliated Trainings

We recently took a look at all the amazing groups offering trainings that in some way complement what we do. Some of them we know, some of them we'd consider current or future affiliates, but all of them we thank for the great work they do. 

Some organisations are partners. Our training calendar carries partner events.


Schumacher College  has been at the forefront of sustainability education for over 20 years, providing transformative short courses, vocational training and postgraduate programmes. 

  • The College is world renowned for cutting edge and dynamic learning on a wide range of issues related to sustainability. We bring together the leading thinkers, activists and practitioners from all over the globe, to deliver a unique range of group learning experiences.
  • If you come to Schumacher College you will be part of our international learning community in the beautiful surrounds of South Devon, on the Dartington Hall Estate
  • Located near to the dynamic Transition Town of Totnes the Collegehas a strong partnership with the Transition movement including the co-development of the MA Economics for Transition – achieving low carbon, high well-being resilient economies. 


Gaia Education

  • Promotes education for sustainable development by developing trainings, online courses and publications for sustainable community design.
  • The Ecovillage Design Education curriculum, integrates the social, worldview, ecological and economic dimensions of sustainability, providing an education which is universal in scope and local in application. 
  • Programmes have been offered in settings ranging from tribal and traditional communities to universities and training centers, more than 155 times, in 34 countries, reaching aorund 5000 people. 
  • The EDE curriculum is an official contribution to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

Permaculture Association

  • National charity that supports people to learn about and use permaculture
  • Lists permaculture courses throughout the country

Low Impact Living Initiative

  • Courses include range of permaculture and land-based community offerings throughout UK
  • Based in Redfield Community, North Buckinghamshire
  • “mission is to help people reduce their impact on the environment, improve their quality of life, gain new skills, live in a healthier and more satisfying way, have fun and save money”


  • Variety of courses ranging from spiritual to sustainability, including Joanna Macy related content
  • Based in Scotland
  • Courses example: “Bending, Not Breaking - Inner Resilience in Turbulent Times”
  • A unique centre with gravitas 

Earth Activist Training

  • Permaculture Design Course, activism skills, Reclaiming earth-based spiritual practice
  • “Its aim is to teach permaculture to people who are active in promoting social or environmental change.”
  • Two week residential – sometimes at Landmatters
  • The EAT course combines permaculture, spirituality, and activist skills in a unique way

Wisdom in Nature

  • Topics include Islam and permaculture, Islam and climate change, taking action, facilitation, etc.
  • Located in London and Brighton
  • Adhoc workshops

Training For Change

  • Many workshops for activists of various description – social action, direct action, facilitation
  • Based in Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • “Since 1992 Training for Change has been committed to increasing capacity around the world for activist training. When we say activist training, we mean training that helps groups stand up more effectively for justice, peace and the environment. We deliver skills directly that people working for social change can use in their daily work.”
  • Various residential weekend + workshops, sliding scale costs

Center for Holistic Ecology (The Farm)

  • Among other things, hosts many workshops and educational programmes around ecological living – green business, permaculture
  • Based in Tennessee with connections to Gaia University, the Farm and the Leadership School, EcoVillage Training Center, Global Village Institute, and other communities
  • Multi-day residential courses

The Living Centre

  • Courses include permaculture, forest gardening, herbalism, shamanism
  • Based in London, ON, Canada
  • “The mission of 'The Living Centre' is to support the evolution of humankind and the Earth through the raising of consciousness.”
  • Multi-day courses, various costs
  • A Canadian group combining lots of alternative healing and spiritual courses, as well as permaculture.  They are among the driving forces of their local TI.  The idea of a physical training centre, with residential resources appeals, as well as the broad mix of courses

Climate Outreach Information Network

  • Range of climate change communications training courses
  • Based in Oxford
  • “COIN inspires lasting changes in attitudes and behaviour through the use of innovative action learning methods and by assisting people to communicate their own messages to their peers.”
  • Half day and full day courses, they also offer an incubation programme
  • Courses are aimed mostly at groups and are mostly focused on educating about climate change and building communication skills in order to talk and win arguments

London Community Resource Network

  • Periodic courses – currently Active Citizens: Social Action and Low Carbon Living
  • “The Active Citizens training programme is a series of workshops that will bring together a group of 20-30 people who are active in Brixton's local community, and provide a framework to support the development of existing and new social action projects.”
  • Aims to create a network of social enterprises and organisations around London based on waste reduction and diversion

Green Infrastructure

  • Course offered to community groups aimed at educating about climate change, need and approaches for mitigation/adaptation
  • Based in Liverpool and aimed at northwest communities
  • Very specific approach to educating community groups on climate change adaptation with respect to development and conservation of countryside

Places Matter

  • Courses around placemaking, architecture and localism, focused mostly on Northwest
  • “Engaging Communities on Climate Change” training in London, for example
  • “…devoted to generating a strong sense of place in living, working and leisure environments throughout the Northwest.  Places Matter! is an Architecture & Built Environment Centre that works across the public and private sectors to drive up the skills and knowledge of all those involved in new development, promoting good design and encouraging strong client leadership.”

Seeds for Change

  • Range of courses for activism – consensus process, facilitation, organizing, publicity, coops and training trainers
  • “We're a network of activist trainers providing training and workshops on group and campaign skills. We support people who want to make our world a better and more sustainable place.”
  • Based in Lancaster and Oxford
  • Offers courses on setting up coops and community centres
  • Clearly focused on grassroots activists

Be the Change

  • Annual courses dive into the spiritual core of activist work
  • Based in Somerset
  • “The overall purpose of our Training & Workshop offerings is to support and empower you in expressing your commitment to the purpose of the Symposium: “To bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just human presence on the planet”, in your diverse possible contributions to this work.”

Talk Action

  • Courses and workshops on variety of topics, for example “Engaging Communities on Climate Change ”
  • Based in London but course/workshops all over
  • “Talk Action believes in social justice and environmental sustainability.  In order to accomplish the above statement, our aim is to raise environmental and social awareness through events and education. We do this by various means including delivering environmental training, managing green events and through contacts on our web based directory.”

The Sustainability Centre

  • Courses include permaculture, renewable energy, bushcraft and have in past offered “The Work that reconnects” course
  • Based in South Downs, owned by Earthworks Trust
  • “The Sustainability Centre aims to educate, enable and inspire people from all walks of life to make positive changes to the way they live and work.”
  • Two-week courses, weekend, and single day, costs vary
  • A physical place offering lots of resources and broad course range.  Lots of permaculture and re-skilling kinds of courses. 

Chris Johnstone

  • Courses include “Work that reconnects” and other deep eco courses
  • Based in Bristol
  • “I teach courses in the strengthening skills that increase our ability to bring about positive change, both in our lives and the world. Much influenced by many years of working as an addictions specialist in the NHS, I also train health professionals in empowering interventions. My book 'Find Your Power – a toolkit for resilience and positive change’ presents strategies and insights that help us in the journey of making things different.”


  • Work that reconnects courses, as well as transpersonal and mediation
  • Based in Manchester
  • "At the core of our organisation is the motivation to promote transpersonal values for personal, community and organisational development."

Bodhi Eco Project

  • Courses include permaculture and “work that reconnects”
  • Glasgow
  • “Our wide-ranging educational programme addresses the need for us all to transition from an oil-dependent society to a more resilient culture.”
  • Various course lengths and costs
  • They are launching an ecovillage in partnership with the Sustainable Communities Initiative. 

Reach Ability

  • Courses include groups process, facilitation, nonviolence, etc.
  • Oxford
  • “a social enterprise specialising in the practicalities of how to engage and involve people.” – “training people for change”
  • Active Citizens in partnership with British Council – promotes social involvement toward better social cohesion – worldwide programme

Brighton Permaculture Trust

  • Range of permaculture courses
  • Brighton
  • “promotes greener lifestyles and sustainable development through design. We run courses and events and apply permaculture principles to our projects.”
  • Linked with Low Impact Living


  • Courses on facilitation, consensus process, etc.
  • Location – everywhere and nowhere
  • “We are a co-op providing facilitation, mediation, consensus building and training to grassroots activists and communities across the UK, and to those organisations that support activism in all its forms.”

Tripod Training

  • Courses for activists involved in direct action and other campaigns, including facilitation and consensus decision making
  • Located in Edinburgh
  • “We support grassroots campaigners, cooperatives, community groups and NGOs, fighting for social and environmental justice.”

Turning the Tide

  • Courses for activists involved in non violent direct action and related work
  • London
  • “We work with Quakers and nonviolent activist groups to advance the understanding of active nonviolence and its use for positive social change.”

Decision Lab

  • Courses in facilitation
  • Located in Brighton and London
  • “We offer facilitation, training, coaching & consultancy services to organisations and leaders with whom we share common visions of bettering the world.”

New Organizing Institute

  • Offers training for activists and movement organizers, based “Engagement Organizing”, or engaging the whole person
  • Located in Washington, DC
  • Training facilitators for PowerShift2011, a “climate change/corporate power” conference for student activists

Other Organisations with Trainings

  • Schumacher
  • Forum for the Future
  • Gaia University
  • Environmental Trainers Network
  • Volunteer Bureau
  • Learning Foundation
  • Equality SW
  • Mediation Northern Ireland
  • Institute for Social Change
  • Next Culture Research and Training Centre
  • NVC Trainer -  Vicky Pierce
  • Activist Mediation Collective
  • Gluaseacht