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About us

Transition Training is a self-organizing and resilient training organisation supporting individuals and communities in adopting the Transition model and methods.

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We do this by:

  • Spreading the adoption of Transition principles and practices, leading to the foundation of new initiatives
  • Supporting Transition Initiatives at each stage of their evolution from taking root, to the achievement of sustainable, resilient communities.

We deliver high quality, practical, and inspiring training in over 20 countries worldwide. The first Training for Transition was held in Oct 2007 in Totnes, and there are now Transition Trainers all over the world.

Our trainings are centred around:

  • Welcoming diversity of background and opinion
  • Weaving together theory and practice, information and experience, and 'inner' and ‘outer’ Transition
  • Valuing and responding to participant input; trainers sharing information while being non-prescriptive
  • Demonstrating some of the core qualities of a Transition process such as holding contrasting energies, or working with complex and multi-dimensional systems.

Our core courses are:

  1. Transition LAUNCH: giving you the essential skills and the confidence you need to start a new initiative
  2. Transition THRIVE: giving you the essential skills and insights to help you help your TI become a success

We also offer:

  1. Transition TALK: a 1-day course that enables participants to give a Transition presentation
  2. Transition TRAIN: our 'Train the Trainers' course for practitioners 

Behind the scenes, we are refining a course that addresses working effectively in groups, currently offered by trainer Nick Osborne, and are just beginning to add shape to a course around building local social enterprise.  This is linked to our REconomy ProjectHere's a definition of what a typical Transition enterprise might look like.

All courses are offered at as low a cost as we can afford, and some concessions are available.

Our trainers

Our trainers have a background in training or facilitating and embody and modelling Transition practice.  We meet regularly, share experiences, and learn from those who are actively involved in and living Transition. 

Our location

Transition Training is based in the Transition Town Totnes office in Devon, UK. Please contact us if you need help with something that you are not finding on the site.