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transition network

Transition Network – What’s it for? Where’s it going?

These questions seem as good as any to begin a thoughtful week looking at the Transition Network. Like all good questions they lead to more and hopefully deeper questions that ultimately lead to greater self knowledge. This is the basis for growth in personal development as well as organisational development.

Conference Reflections: REconomy and other ways forward

The Transition Network Conference held a space for four plus days offering a little something for everybody: creative venue, amazing interpersonal experiences, practical knowledge, profound insights, synchronicities and incongruencies, proposals and critiques, Bacchanalian abandon, and an utterly depressing book reading. A successful event by any measure.

From Diversity Coordinator to Diversity Embedding

Catrina Pickering, Transition Network’s Diversity Coordinator is leaving the Network at the beginning of October, having worked for Transition since March 2010.  Unfortunately, we were unable to find funding to keep her position going and we're sad to see her go.  On the plus side, we’re now looking at embedding diversity and social justice in the work of the rest of the s

New Westminster

New Westminster, Canada
Arts & Crafts
Effective groups
Inner Transition
Local Government

I am interested in starting up a Transition Town in New Westminster and am looking for interested individuals to join me. 

People & Contacts
Primary point of contact: 
Nadine Nakagawa

Who We Are and What We Do

We are delighted to present, in pdf. format, Version 1.0 of the Transition Network’s ‘Who We Are and What We Do’ document, lovingly designed by the good folks at MooreBlackett

It was produced through several rounds of public meetings, the online forum, and with the input of many Transitioners around the world, and it seems to have done a great job in capturing what Transition, and Transition Network, is all about. 

We hope you find it useful and please do distribute it widely.

Visiting Transition in Totnes

 Visiting Transition in Totnes

  Just to clarify:

    • Transition Network is the charity based in Totnes that is helping communities to connect to eachother, inspire new ideas and expand the Transition activities all over the world
    • Transition Town Totnes is the local initiative that is using/developing the transition ideas to transform itself into a mo

Lars Kvalbein

Lars Ove Kvalbein's picture
Hordaland, Norway
Involvement & interest with the Transition Network
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