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Katie Thompson

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Devon, United Kingdom
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 I'm a writer and PR professional, working from home in Totnes, in collaboration and alone, with interests/clients in eco-home improvements, gourmet food, transition subjects and more.

My musical alter-ego is an entertainer: Mama Tokus at

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South West
United Kingdom
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Houston, United States
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Local Initiative
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As a transition group we will be actively involved in the community and seek to follow the principles of the Transition Movement.

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Matthias Jung
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Matthias Jung
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Matthias Jung
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Matthias Jung

Sustainable leisure


Do Transition members know of any projects out there to make leisure activities more sustainable? I run Car Free Walks ( to promote taking the bus and train to go walking. My colleagues and I wondered if there were similar projects to promote sustainability in other outdoor activities - so we can share ideas, tips, contacts etc.

Ella Boyen

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Victoria, Australia

I'm interested in getting the greater Langwarrin area involved in the transition movement and would like to hear from other locals in the area.

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Polly Henderson

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Soria, Spain

I moved from Machynlleth, Wales to Soria in Spain in 2008, with my partner Santiago (and 2 kids) who is from this town. I am teaching english in a primary school, but am strongly drawn to alternative education and am probably going to be  home-educating from Sept 2010, with a view to developing a small school through the support of a parenting group here in Soria.

I am an art-based person, but also aspire to a deep green lifestyle, and I think anything Transition is Where It's At!

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