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Rick Koobs

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Norfolk, United Kingdom

I'm an ex-pat from the American South (Virginia and North Carolina), happily relocated to Norfolk, UK since January 2010 with my British wife. We're currently living in Norwich, but looking to relocate to the vicinity of Downham Market in West Norfolk, the better to become more involved with the good folks of Downham & Villages in Transition.

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Happy Birthday Transition Norwich

Happy Birthday Transition Norwich! 2 Years old and not looking a day over 18! Well done all - this is copied directly from Transition Norwich's blog site...

Portrait pattern of an initiative

Our Rob has been very busy thinking about the next Transition Handbook and how to communicate Transition between ourselves and others. His thoughts have lead him to seeing and talking about Transition as a 'Pattern Language'. He ran several workshops on the topic at the conference (workshop recordings here), put all the patterns up for comment, and got some sound feedback.

We will soon have a new online directory for the patterns which will enable Rob and Helen (who is doing lots of research into them) to share their thoughts and invite Transitioners to offer comments, suggest projects, images and more.

In the meantime, you can't keep a good idea down, nor a passionate movement quiet (not that anyone would want to). Ideas seed themselves and spread, rooting themselves in the different experiences and cultures of initiatives, taking on different forms and working in different ways.

Sustainable Bungay have been thinking a lot about how the Patterns overlap with their world and have written a wonderful piece which they have kindly agreed to let us copy; lock, stock and barrel - thanks all - here it is: 

Hills Are a Powerful Waste of Sky (Day 49) May 16th

 Hills Are a Powerful Waste of Sky

...or so say the folk of Norfolk, coming as they do from the Fens, and my walk into Cambridge skirting the edge, accompanied by Marion Leeper, transition storyteller, and my host for the next few days, is all about the wide expanse of open landscape, made bright by fields of rape.

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