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Transition Research Network event on Energy, Kingston, October 3rd

The next Transition Research Network open meeting will be on the theme of energy, and we'd love anyone interested in developing a community-led agenda for energy research to join us in Kingston, Surrey on October 3rd.

For more information see the flyer or go straight to the registration page at

Transition Research Network event on Energy, Kingston, October 3rd

Over the past year, a few of us working at the interface of transition and academia have set up the Transition Research Network to help Transition groups get the best out of potential collaborations with academic researchers. On October 3rd we'll have our first thematic meeting, on energy, and we'd love for people from Energy groups in Transition initiatives to join us there.

It’s a Muddle in the Middle (day 40) May 7th

I sleep till gone 10 – it seems to be a pattern of mine that the first night in an urban setting knocks me out in a sort of stupor.

I check my emails for urgent updates and Yahoo informs me we have a hung parliament! A historic moment. It feels good; if a little sad that still so few vote liberal. I have voted for the first time; it never seemed worth it before. I am happy with the result; it feels like a more honest representation.

Shaun Chamberlin

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Surrey, United Kingdom

Since 2005 I have devoted myself full-time to exploring the interwoven challenges facing our global community, and how we can enable a joyful and resilient shared future in the face of them.

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