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Journey to the Gateway of the World

"And so it was that on the first day of the Great British Summer Time WynnAlice set out.

For was it not that in days gone by travellers would have waited for this time to commence

their journeys, back then in the times before flying machines filled the air, and metal

My Legs Hurt....

Day 2

My legs hurt, every step of today's 15 miles was agony on my thighs. However, my feet feel fine - the flipflops are doing their job.

Am strangely content considering the state of my legs, at one particularly painful moment I did stop to ask myself if there wasn't something else I'd rather be doing ...and there wasn't - I am very clearly doing exactly what I should be - amazing what we will go through when we are on the right path!

The Milk Of Human Kindness

Day 1

Well I have to say it's been quite a day...

Set off from Totnes on the first day of my 6 month walk around England to collect transition tales at around 12.30 - after a bit of a photo shoot centred around my feet ....the local journalists seemed to get quite excited by the idea of my walking in my flip flops. For me they are the footwear of choice having been inspired by the ability of South American guides in the Andes to navigate mountainsides like the proverbial goats.

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