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A report from the fringes

The Sunday of the Transition Network Conference 2012 turned out to be a weird old day for me. While the other 99% of the participants were creating the transition town of the future with cardboard, chalk and inspiration, I found myself wandering the empty corridors of Battersea Arts Centre, bewildered by my lack of enthusiasm for this "group process".

Diversity and Inclusion in Durham

Transition Durham is undertaking action research on the topic of diversity and inclusion within our initiative. We are aware that, like many other Transition initiatives, our active members do not reflect the diversity of people living in our area, and we are keen to explore this further.

Reaching out for Resilience: Inclusion in Transition

Danielle Cohen from Transition Town Stoke Newington has recently completed a Masters dissertation on inclusion in Transition.  Here’s a short 3 minute interview with her from the Transition Scotland conference in November. 

Opening new spaces through the arts

Are you an artist interested in how the arts can open up new and collective spaces for people of all walks of life?  We’re going to be organising a meeting in the New Year to bring together artists involved in Transition who have an interest and/ or experience in participatory processes and the arts.  If this sounds like you, please contact, Catrina Pickering,, 01865 403147.

Transition Town Stoke Newington Inclusion Group

Here's a mini report back from Danielle Cohen of Transition Town Stoke Newington (TTSN) inclusion group.

Transition Town Stoke Newington’s inclusion group started up in February. Stoke Newington is in Hackney, one of the most diverse boroughs of London. After a couple of meetings discussing how we wanted to approach inclusion and diversity we came up with some practical ways of exploring it. We did things like talking to other people in TTSN about their views on inclusion and organising a picnic in a local park with lots of different activities...

Tooting Harvest Foodival

The 3rd annual Tooting Harvest Foodival which took place on the 19th September was a roaring success with crowds thronging in and around Mushkil Aasaan (a local charity for Asian families) all afternoon sampling delicious dishes cooked up by local restaurants Roti, Ambala Sweets, Lahore Karahi, Spice Village, Pooja, Rick’s, Al Mairage and Mirch Masala.  Vegetables all provided courtesy of local food growers.

Inclusion in Transition

What can we do to become more inclusive?

This is a question that we at the Transition Network are starting to grapple with and if we’re going to grapple with it well, we’ll need your help, input and ideas too.

What kind of inner change might need to undertake in order to become a more inclusive movement?

Your thoughts on this – from the mundane to the sublime to the completely off the wall – are very welcome.

Making a Start on Inclusion at the Transition Conference 2010

Although I wasn’t present, I’m told that it was at last year’s Transition Conference that the will to develop an inclusive movement was born.  A year on, Transition is taking this issue seriously –  funding has been sought and won to employ me as the dedicated Diversity Co-ordinator and at the conference itself it seemed, there was a sense that we’re moving in the right direction.

First off, around 70 people attended the interest group, surgery or workshop on diversity bringing enthusiasm, thinking and questions such as:

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