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Transition background

What is Transition?

Transition is a community-led response to climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy, building resilience and happiness.

It is an idea about the future, an optimistic, practical idea. It is self-organizing and people-led, supporting the creation of communities that are more resilient, entrepreneurial, connected, equitable and engaged. And it’s fun.

 What is Transition Network?

Transition Network was set up in 2007 to promote and respond to the rapid spread of Transition initiatives around the world. With a small office and team, but a huge ambition, it works to support, inspire, encourage, connect and train those around the world trying to make Transition happen in their communities.  It produces a steady stream of resources, films, publications, events, trainings and innovations, and has had its work recognized in a number of awards.  

As Transition becomes increasingly international, there are now 19 national hub organizations supporting the spread of Transition within their own countries. Transition Network encourages the development of national hubs and works with them to help spread the learning from this global social experiment.

The Transition movement is a vibrant movement in towns and cities all over the world – focused on building local resilience. Transition has grown virally to more than 900 communities in more than 40 countries.



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Photography - Rob

Photography - Transition Projects (as featured in TPOJDS)