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Duncan Crowley

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Transition activities

Barcelona en Transició
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About Duncan Crowley

Duncan is an Irish eco architect, city tour guide, #acampadaBCN global communications activist, part founder of Barcelona en Transició. He has been involved with setting up community gardens in Dublin, Ireland and proposed the Botanic Spine, an 18km greenway, CPUL (continous productive urban landscape) and eco corridor for his city. In Barcelona his work on similar proposals for the city have been published in recent book by IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia); THE SELF-SUFFICIENT CITY: Envisioning the habitat of the future. He also participated in some of the UK climate camps and the Irish one in 2009. A recent interview with Duncan appeared in the May edition of BCN MES: Let’s plant some seeds :// GARDENING FOR CHANGE. He participated in the 2011 Transition conference, loved it, was interviewed by Adrienne Cambell for Duncan updates Adrienne on Democracy2.0 in Barcelona and, along with fellow transicionista Juan gave an unplanned presentation at the conference; Spanish revolution impromptu late night meeting on Sunday

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