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Clinton Callahan

About Clinton Callahan

I was born in Kansas, but I am definitely not in Kansas anymore.

I've lived in Europe since 1995. After 10 years in France, I now I live in Munich, Germany and work with the Next Culture Research & Training Centre. I am married, have two grown daughters from a previous marriage, and in 2009 I became a grandfather.

In 2007 it slammed me upside the head that the 400 gigatonnes of methane frozen under the Siberian tundra and shallow continental shelf is already leaking out, and none of it is figured into present climate models being used to predict global warming. We are in trouble. My daily question is: In what ways am I implementing paradigm shift today?

Here are a couple sites with stories I've told about my experiences:

 Upgrading human thoughtware so we have a future.

In April 2011 Marion and I moved to Tempelhof, a transition initiative in Baden-Württemburg, Germany. Here is the link for more information:

Since then we have joined the Gaian Road Team, which is a project from Brueckendorf, and are ambassadors for the Global Ecovillage Network

We are working on editing the video documentary The Emergence of Next Culture.

What are you working on?


Roles I perform/skills I can share: 
Roles I perform/skills I can share: