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European Union award for Transitioners

Massive congratulations to Transitioners across Europe as we all win The European Economic and Social Committee Civil Society Prize for 2012. Well done all!

Transition Network is highly honoured to have won first prize in the European Economic and Social Committee's Civil Society Prize.

This is great recognition for the work of so many people in hundreds of European local communities who are engaging their local civil society in developing low carbon futures and livelihoods which promote wellbeing for all in the community.

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There are more than 500 Transition initiative community groups in 23 European countries (more than 1000 groups worldwide) who are working on the "transition" to a low-carbon, socially-just future.

Many are already setting up enterprises, creating sustainable livelihoods or helping develop a stronger local economy.

Examples include:

  • The Green Valley Grocer in Slaithwaite, Yorkshire, UK, which is owned by a community share issue, and is set up to sell locally produced, sustainable food, and provides local jobs. This has stimulated the establishment of other new local food enterprises and employment, to supply the shop.
  • Around Monteveglio, Italy, the Transition initiative developed a new farming enterprise called Streccapogn, working on land owned by people who can't use it. Streccapogn produces organic wheat, milled locally and used in the local bakery; organic vegetables, fruit and jam, saba, vines and vinegar. They are moving onto local organic pigs and chickens.

Transition Network's REconomy Project has been set up to help Transition groups and other community groups set up local green enterprises and pioneer and develop more sustainable and resilient local economic strategies, to help communities respond to the economic crisis in Europe.

Our view is that localisation of services can become a key source for employment and economic activity.

See and .

Here's the information from the EESC website:

The Jury of the EESC Civil Society Prize has announced the winners of the 2012 edition, under the theme 'Innovate for a sustainable Europe!', and has decided to award the prize to the following organisations:


1. Transition Network (United Kingdom)
2. CAIS Association (Portugal)
3. Livstycket (Sweden)

The award ceremony will be held on 12 December 2012 during the Committee's plenary session.

The overall objective of the civil society prize is to reward excellence in civil society initiatives and to celebrate the achievements of civil society organisations which have had the ingenuity to develop projects that have had a positive impact on Europeans' lives, and have significantly contributed to promoting European identity and a sense of citizenship, embodying the common values underpinning the European venture. 

The 2012 edition aims to reward innovative initiatives and projects, also on the regional and local level, in the field of sustainable production and/or consumption, and in the social sector.

To all the European Transition Initaitives, and the REconomy project - we congratulate and respect you hugely - WELL DONE!


Kitty de Bruin's picture


Well done all transitionners and thanks for all the support from the transitionnetwork and the transiontionteams in the UK and all over the world, i'm proud to be a part of it!


Josué Dusoulier's picture

Proud to be in Transition with all of you !

I'm proud to be part of this movement (family) with you !!

Congratulation and a special thanks to Filipa :-)


Bart Vanden Driessche's picture

I hope to come. Thanks Filipa

I hope to come.
Thanks Filipa for teh great work you've done.


daniellerose's picture

THE prize

I am so proud of all of us.

Wonderful and a millions thanks to all.

Danielle G

Biff Vernon's picture


Well done everybody.  It's great to be both a Transitioner and a European.

Ralph Bohlke's picture

Great, well done

I am sure the are lot of others who will follow. 

Let's go for it

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   La Transición es el camino, ¡porque la persona cuenta! Este premio indica que la conciencia de la Transición es amable con el corazón del ser humano y coherente con sus anhelos.

   Enhorabuena a todos/as en Europa y en el mundo.

Javier Zarzuela