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Transition's first newspaper needs your support

Massive congratulations and huge support from us for Transition's first newspaper.

We are all very excited about the Transition Free Press and hope that you will be too. And in order to get it off the ground, it needs your support. Here's the update from Charlotte the editor:

Dear fellow Transitioners,

This week we are launching our crowd-funding campaign to raise funds for the new national newspaper, Transition Free Press. Can you help us get the presses rolling?

free press at the UK conferenceThis is the first Transition crowd-funding appeal to be launched and we're confident it will be the first of many on our new dedicated site with Buzz Bnk, an on-line crowd-funding platform that specialises in community projects and social enterprises and people looking for new ways of funding social change.

We're planning to run four issues during 2013, starting on Feb 1 2012.

Our 24-page issue will follow the blueprint of the preview issue and contain our trademark mix of news, reviews and features, with dedicated pages to energy, the land, people, economy, eductation, food, well-being, the arts, cartoons and a unique Transition agony column. We'll be distributing the good news through our network of 30+ Transition initiatives in the UK (as well as on-line everywhere else).

The Deadline: February 16th, the target: £10,000

We have a deadline (well, one of many!), which is by February 16, we need to hit our first £10,000 target in order to pay our printing costs and wonderful editorial team and contributors. Can you help us? We have some great rewards from annual subscriptions (£15) to a full Transition library (£750) Oh, and an utterly sustainable T-shirt too (got to have that!)

Can you help spread the word to all your friends, initiatives and networks. Thank you on behalf of all of us!


With best wishes,

Editor, Transition Free Press
Transition Free Press


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Supported!  A really

Supported!  A really important project.