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Seeking positive examples of renewable energy co-operatives in Europe

Are you in, or know of, a positive example of a renewable energy co-operative? If so, Friends of the Earth want to hear from you.

Here's the outline: 

Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland is gathering case-studies on UK/EU/International energy cooperatives to show that energy cooperatives can work in the North and South, providing an alternative economic and energy model that can play a big part in the global transformation we need.

It is just a preliminary piece of research at the moment, not to be published, but we hope it can be built on further and the case studies adapted by our own local groups and global allies for campaigning.

If you yourself have worked with communities or municipalities to set them up, or have allies who have,
please contact Pasco Sabido and Anne Schiffer, and we can follow up.

Please include as much information as possible, and a contact number/skype name so we can contact you/them.

Thanks in advance – I know between us we can really show renewable energy cooperatives delivering energy needs and transforming the system.