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Stroud (UK) continue to play big part in Composting in the UK

Stroud lead the way on composting

Stroud has always done great work on green efforts, collaboration and transition, and here's another example. This is a recent press release from the crew at Down To Earth.

DownToEarthLogoStroud's green credentials have received a fresh boost with Down to Earth becoming the regional training hub and demonstration site for community composting.

Local community group Down to Earth are one of 12 Hubs in a training network across England for the Community Composting for Local Food project. Down to Earth won the contract to deliver training, advice, equipment loan and support services to local groups in the area who are growing fresh fruit and vegetable and want to grow more sustainably by developing composting at their own sites.

The scheme was set up by the Community Composting Network with funding from the Big Lottery Local Food programme, to become the country’s leading provider of composting support to local food groups.

The free training courses and support will run in the following months, supported by on-site advice visits and loans of composting machinery and equipment. Follow-up training on and off site will be offered to complete the training package.

Strouds composting ‘hub’ will be based at Bisley Community Composting site and will become a focal point for the developing community composting community in the local area, which already includes groups.

  • To apply for a place on the courses or for more information about the courses and support please phone the Community Composting on 0114 258 0483 or email

Congrats to them for putting together a key resource for building resilience.



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Felt I had to put a bit of history into your headline statement  "Stroud NOW playing big part in community composting in UK"

The Bisley Community Composting Scheme has been in existence since 2005, won the Calor Gas Award for the Environment 2007, ran "Zero Waste Week Flagship Village" events 2009 including commissioning a "Rubbish Artist in Residence" ,won a Queens Award for Voluntary Service in 2010, and the Environment Section of Gloucestershire's Vibrant Villages in 2011, is the recipient of Village SOS Big Lottery funds, been a member of CCN since 2006, participated in Stroud TRansition Edible Gardens 2011 and 2012, and countless other things....... Down to Earth Food Coop (are friends) but they are not a composting centre at all but a food coop.........

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Have updated the title to

Have updated the title to reflect your information - thanks for that. 

Re your comments about Down to Earth's status as having a composting training capability, the press release refers to Bisley as the location.