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Conference 2011 update

Two weeks and one day until the Transition Network conference 2011. We're at the last stages of planning and doing and it's looking great. The list of workshops is fantastic, there are discussion groups on all sorts of topics, visits to local projects, talks, networking, a big group process, and all manner of goodness.

This is an update on the conference itself, an encouragement to buy tickets, a request for you to fill in our movement-wide project support survey, a dazzling array of cool buttons and widgets for your websites, and some links to some relevant blogs including the conference 2011 blog.


Naturally we're super keen that you come along. There are a variety of tickets to choose from on the tickets page. There are full tickets for the whole event. We've also got day tickets, enabling those closer to Liverpool to come for just a day at a lower cost, and we welcome applications for our reduced price concession tickets for those who will appreciate them. Don't be shy! And if you know someone who wants to come but isn't flush with cash, send this on to them.

Conference 2011 tickets page

Project Support Survey

We need your input to help us prioritise and shape our work to support Transition Initiatives. This support survey is the most detailed and potentially far-reaching feedback request we've undertaken. It will guide us to providing the most suitable support to you. We will provide the early results of this survey to those attending the UK Conference in Liverpool in July 2011, and will also publish the results on the Transition Network website.

Please complete the Transition Project Support Survey

Widgets, banners and buttons for your sites

And for the webmasters out there, we have some nice conference banners and buttons for your sites - would you pop one on your site for us to help spread the conference word? It's a soft launch for a much longer term project to enable all TI sites to publish projects information from around the web, so this is a little trial and we'd really appreciate everyone giving it a go. You will also find some handy widgets with news and events. We will be contacting webmasters about this later in the summer as well.

And if you really can't come, we will be capturing as much of the essence of the conference as possible on the Conference 2011 blog and all the usual social media channels. But our main focus will be onsite, so our first recommendation is you come along...

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Conference highlights from our very own Rob

As the Transition movement grows, deepens and spreads, it is developing strongly around themes such as localisation and social enterprise, the practicalities of making projects happen on the ground, and the critical importance of building good strong groups to underpin the whole process (to name but a few). 

The conference offers the opportunity to reconnect with what's emerging, what people are doing, as well as to hear new ideas from a range of other areas/organisations.  You will meet people doing Transition in cities, towns, villages and universities up and down the country, as well as some from further afield. 

Every Transition conference has had its own distinct identity, from the first one at Ruskin Mill to last year's event at Seale Hayne.  This year will be another unique experience, drawing on the passion and experience of Liverpool's Transition groups and also a variety of other local food/community development groups in the city. 

It promises to be a rich, exhilarating and energising weekend.  You will also get a very real taste of what the soon-to-be-published 'Transition Companion' will look like and how it presents Transition in a very different way to the 'Transition Handbook'.  Soul food for Transition.   See you there.

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